The Sad Realities OF My PPV Budget's BREAKING POINT

Memmie B.Contributor ISeptember 13, 2009

While trying to justify laying out the cash for the cost of another WWE PPV I decided to list what I wanted to see verses what I fear I would see, and see if the pros of buying would out number the cons of buying

Kingston vs. the Miz - it's a tossup for me. I enjoy both wrestlers and think they both have earned a bit of the spot light.  Maybe, best to keep the belt on Kingston and make a real feud out of it. Either way; they are entertaining and worth the money. (Buy 1- Don’t 0)

DX vs. Legacy - I would like to see DX win. They are a lot of fun to watch, but to be honest Legacy as a group does nothing for me.  Ted D is good and they really need to get him out front more.   I have a hard time getting past the fact that Cody R looks like the something out of the Twilight Zone to pay attention to his performance.  It is long past time to break up Legacy, add to this while Orton has the belt, Legacy can't be broken up.  Orton needs the belt validate his place on the food chain; to do this means they need to keep him firmly propped up by a stable.  So alas I see Legacy winning.   Not worth the money. (Buy 1- Don’t 1)

Randy Orton vs. John Cena - They need to keep the belt on Orton.  Not much else to do with Orton without it.  Besides John Cena needs to stand stiffly in front of a movie camera again soon. (Buy 1- Don’t 2)

Kane vs. Khali - I want Kane in a real feud with a real wrestler in a real story line.  I feel sorry for anyone who has to babysit Giant Gonzales Jr.  But there is a major Indian Tour coming up sooooooo we’re stuck with this worthless waste of space a little while longer.  Poor Kane maybe Big Show will jump Khali in the back again and spare Kane the embarrassment of having to suffer those 10 minutes. (Buy 1- Don’t 3)

Christian vs. William Regal - Two great talents in stuck on a throw away show, battling over a throw away belt, while their true marching orders are to prop up other two wrestlers (Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson).  Maybe as they stand outside the ring tonight they can learn something about how to put on a good match of their own. Only because it’s Christian and Regal (Buy 2- Don’t 3)

Henry/MVP vs. Kristina and Slow - another tossup - best to leave what's working work but the rejects have most likely scripted a train wreck.  MVP and a surprising animated Henry make this possibly fun to watch.  (Buy 3- Don’t 3)

Undertaker vs. CM Punk - CM Punk will be given a gift by Stephanie's Hollywood rejects.   Listen, I have been a wrestling fan all my life.  I understand its business and there is behind the certain drama.  But to stay a fan one must be able to suspend a certain amount of belief.  The name of the PPV is Breaking Point - ironic - I just CAN'T believe that CM Punk would stand an ice cubes chance in hell against the Undertaker.  He is dull and forgettable.  Punk needs a win over Taker without it he will once again become wall paper.  Taker has made careers for others by losing to them while simultaneously beating the snot out of them. But there was always a spark in those guys to work with.  

There are a big question with Taker is still nursing a really bad Hip and Knee will they hold up while carrying Punk through a this match can manage to make a silk purse out of that pig's ear, or better question will we remember the match tomorrow? I strongly doubt it (Buy 3- Don’t 4) Looks like it’s a DVR night maybe the Son’s of Anarchy...