10 Things Arkansas Razorback Fans Learned from the S.C.-Georgia Game

Roger GowensCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2009

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Tailback Brian Maddox #10 of the South Carolina Gamecocks rushes in a touchdown against the Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium on September 12, 2009 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Two games competed for viewers last Saturday night, with USC-Ohio State being on ESPN and the other USC trying to upset the Georgia Bulldogs on ESPN 2.

On a national level, there is no question that the Trojans and Buckeyes were the bigger attraction.

However, in the SEC, football games are a cross between social events, family reunions, and border disputes. Visiting fans are sometimes treated sort of like the rafters were treated by the locals in Deliverance

Rest assured, in SEC country many more viewers watched the border dispute between Georgia and the home state of "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson.

In the state of Arkansas, with the Razorbacks having no game this week and UGA coming up next Saturday and South Carolina on the schedule in November, one doesn't have to see the Nielsen ratings to safely assume most Hog fans were watching on the deuce.

So what did Hog fans learn about a pair of future opponents Saturday night? Here are 10 things:

1. With a game that lasted almost as long as Burt Reynolds and company's float trip in the '70s film and the Gamecocks running over 80 offensive plays to Georgia's 52, Hog fans can hope that UGA's defense will come to Fayetteville weary.


2. New Georgia quarterback Joe Cox bears a striking resemblance to one of the banjo players in the aforementioned Deliverance.

One can almost hear Ross Perot sound-alike Steve Spurrier quoting ESPN's Jimmy Dykes: "paddle faster, boys, the banjo music's gettin' louder" as Cox sort of stumbled his way to victory.

Deliverance was filmed in Georgia, after all.

Rather than hearing "squeal like a pig," Cox will be hearing lots of Hog calls next week.


3. The most entertaining thing about watching a South Carolina game is still the antics of the Ol' Ball Coach. Steve Superior, Darth Visor, The Evil Genius, whatever opposing fans are calling Spurrier these days, they are much more likely to be gloating than moping. The man is just not the same coach without all those Florida athletes.


4. If there is a special teams unit more inconsistent than the Hogs', it has to be Georgia's. A 100-yard kickoff return, a botched snap on a punt, and a fumbled kickoff all on the same night. Sheesh.


5. In a game that figured to be about as entertaining to watch as an Amish barn-raising, there were 78 points tallied. I don't know if that's a good or bad omen for next week, but I, for one, was glad to see UGA win. When was the last time Georgia started 0-2? Instead, the Dawgs are 1-1 and maybe not quite as hungry.


6. If Stephen Garcia can find receivers against Georgia's pass defense the way he did, after finding only trouble previously, it makes a Hog fan confident that the Hogs will score. But will it be enough to win the game?


7. Spurrier must have had anger management counseling at some point. I can't recall a single visor fling in this game.


8. With ESPN's main crew and shapely sideline reporter Erin Andrews reportedly set to cover the Hogs' game with Georgia, there might be extra pairs of binoculars in the stands Saturday. 

Just for the record, guys, cameras are not allowed in Reynolds Razorback Stadium. That policy was in place even before Andrews' unauthorized videos hit the 'net this summer.


9. Not just in this game, but for the last two to three years, we have learned ESPN color man Todd Blackledge loves to eat in his Taste of the Town segments. I have no idea where in Fayetteville Blackledge will dine. I also don't know how the guy avoids a John Madden-like physique. We have learned he does a decent Spurrier impression.


10. This is a crossroads game for both teams. Even though Georgia may be down from the past few years, the Hogs could garner a lot of national prestige by ending a six-game losing streak against the Dogs.


Let's hope if the Hogs win, they don't follow with a loss to an unranked team from the state of Texas like the last team to beat Georgia, although a big test at Alabama comes first.