For What Its Worth: My View Of Week Two in SEC Football

Jesse MitchellCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2009

Now for the moment we have all been waiting for, the psychologist view of this week in SEC football. Well, theoretically it was last week, so the week in review for those that are looking to nit-pick.

First off, lets go out of conference for a second. I have to send out congratulations to the Michigan Wolverines and the Houston Cougars for their wins over Notre Dame and Oklahoma State respectively. Other than the fact that both of you screwed up my fantasy game, they were impressive wins.

Now on to the biscuits and gravy of our purpose today:

1. Are there any bad teams in the SEC?

I mean, seriously, are there? As the season goes on, it will work itself out, but how in the hell are folks who make a living making predictions (mostly wrong, but that is another article) supposed to pick a winner.

Sure, everybody says Florida and Alabama with Georgia and LSU as the dark horses. After two weeks, I have to say Florida and Bama with Kentucky and Ole Miss as the dark horses.

OK, before you skip to the comments and make adolescent comments, did you actually watch any games other than "your teams" games? And I know Kentucky and Alabama have not played a conference game.

But look, I am not even sure of that. Did you see Vandy play LSU? What about Arkansas? I know they had a bye, but they looked really good in their opener.

One could argue that Mississippi State really stink, but I think they just need some time, and they will come around too.

2. Alabama Special Teams Need Help

They are playing no where near the calibre of football as the rest of the team. Javier Arenas had over 100 yards of return yardage, but that is the only compliment you can pay.

Tiffin is playing a typical Tiffin season. Are you not supposed to improve year over year? This is a deep football team, so surely they have another kid with a foot, which seems to be Tiffin's only comparison to the other kickers in the league; he has a foot.

3. Speaking of Bama, what's up with the Soft Zone Defenses?

Nick Saban is a defensive genius, one cannot argue. But their secondary was burnt for the entire first half.

Just as I was starting to hyperventilate, they came out in the second half and played typical smash mouth Alabama defense.

If this had been another SEC team, the Tide would have been in real trouble because another SEC defense would not have given them the chance to catch up that FIU did.

4. While we are on Bama, McElroy Shines.

18 completions out of 24 attempts for 241 yards is Big 12 kind of numbers. McElroy has proved that if the offensive lines protect him, he can play. And even showed us he could when they let one slip and only took one sack.

The Tide's offensive line look like they have come together nicely, and their quarterback looked comfortable, relaxed, and totally unworried about stepping up in the pocket. Whether this can continue during conference play remains to be seen.

5. Kiffin Humbled by the PAC-10

Everyone on here knows my thoughts on Tennessee. If they would hire a coach I could stomach, that would change, but until then, no dice. Saying that, I hate that an out of conference team handed him his first loss at Tennessee; I was hoping for a Florida blow-out.

And watching the Vols play, I am not so confident of a Florida blow-out anyway. That is one stout defense they are fielding there. Too bad their quarterback had his mind on something other than football on Saturday.

I am not sure about Crompton: He looked totally distracted on the sidelines, during the game, and totally unconcerned after the game during interviews. Must have had a really hot date, because he definitely was not looking out for his team.

6.Another Tough Win for the Florida Gators

Man, I don't know how they do it. First, Charleston Southern, and now the Trojans of Troy.

Despite the imperfect play of Saintly Tebow and the weather, they were able to squeak out a win. Congratulations to Coach Meyers and the entire Gators locker room for this thriller of a ballgame!

SEC, you have officially been served notice, these guys are for real.

7. Houston's Handling of Oklahoma State make Georgia's defeat look that much worse.

Georgia put up a stiff fight this week between the hedges in conference play against South Carolina.

I was starting to think they had recovered and could continue to be the dark horse of the conference, but alas, Houston's win and South Carolina's ability to beat themselves have totally changed my mind. This could be a long season for the Bulldogs.

8. Where is the Discipline at South Carolina.

South Carolina came to play between the hedges. And they did not get beat by Georgia. They got beat by South Carolina.

Chalk it all up to discipline. There is none on this team. Players giving up on plays, linemen walking back to the huddle, and a quarterback who had two open receivers and a clear lane to the first down marker on the last play to win, and missed both.

This does not look like a Steve Spurrier coached team. Is he just sitting back and letting his son learn, or has his frustration with the school, fan-base, and untalented players just caused him to give up?

Well, you can take talent out of the above list. They have the talent. They have the schedule.

They just do not have any faithfulness to their teammates, school, or coach and no discipline.

9.Is Auburn Really Good, or is Mississippi State Really Bad?

I don't know. It looked like Mississippi State were the better team in the first half, and then the Tigers just came out and whipped the whee-whee out of the Bulldogs in the second.

I am not quiet ready to buy into Chizick and Auburn yet, but I am close. If they arrive at 4-0, I have a public apology due in this article after week four.

So come on Aubie, dad-gum-it, start playing like a rebuilding team. I mean, dang, how am I supposed to gain recognition as a prediction guru if y'all keep winning?

10. What a Conference!

Man, you gotta love this conference.

I saved this one for last, as I was totally impressed with the play of Vanderbilt this week. LSU pulled out a win, but the Commodores came to play.

I am leaning towards calling the bluff and saying LSU is not a threat to the West this year, and that would mean me once again eating my words, as I called them to be the best challenge in the West to Alabama.

After week two, I am not so sure. Their offense is coming together, but their defense is just not there yet. I thought it would be the other way around, but the games and stats prove otherwise.

Is Chavis going to be able to lead this squad to gain their feet?

I Picked LSU to win this, but also said not to rule Vandy out. I am not so sure that LSU is struggling as much as I am that Bobby Johnson has Vanderbilt building on last year, and improving in all areas of the game.

Which is what every team is supposed to do right?

Well, that's it for this week. I will see you again next with another week in review along with coverage of the Kentucky Wildcats, who had a bye this week. We should find out if Coach Brooks team is for real or just another Kentucky football team.


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