WWE Drug Policy News: Why Some "Never" Fail a Drug Test

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 13, 2009

Many of us, including myself, wonder why certain individuals never fail a drug test. It seems obvious some should be on the failure list, but yet they never seem to be. We now know why one group never appears.

The WWE Divas have never failed a drug test, not because they are not on anything, but because the drug they use are not one of the WWE's banned substances.

If you'll remember, back in February of 2007 there was a drug bust at Signature Pharmacy done by Albany, NY and Florida law enforcement agencies. Authorities claimed that Signature Pharmacy illegally distributed steroids and other prescription drugs to clients who had not been examined by doctors, and many of them were pro-wrestlers.

According to the investigation, there was a story floating around from August 2007 about a WWE wrestler telling a source how he was "scared to the death" that his name would show up on the Signature Pharmacy list because he had been getting drugs through them.

The wrestler in question told the source he got put in touch with Signature Pharmacy through one of the women's wrestlers, with the women's wrestler telling him "many of the women" get their stuff through Signature Pharmacy.

The person's name was never released, and many of the other names including the other female talent were never released either. The reason no female talent's name came up on the list of performers who the agencies caught were because they were "very lucky," according to reports.

Due to the massive list, the agencies didn't reveal all names on it, just ones they randomly came across during the investigation. This including many of the wrestlers. The Orlando-based office didn't look into the female talent or the talent who was "scared to death."

They did see others such as John Morrison, Ken Kennedy, and Charlie Haas. But the only reason they were revealed were because the agencies came across them during the investigation, but they were not close to being the only people Signature Pharmacy distributing drugs to.

The female talent didn't get caught, but there is believed to be some active Divas in the WWE who were getting drugs from the Pharmacy. The names have not been revealed, so no one knows who they are for sure.

The WWE is not the only promotion whose female talent or even male talent who used Signature Pharmacy to acquire drugs illegally. So, we cannot say the WWE is the only place that abused or used drugs illegally.

The female talent wouldn't be caught anyway with the WWE's drug policy, mainly because the pill they use is not on the WWE's banned substance list. The pill, Zylene, is a diet pill used by many female wrestling talent.

The drug helps suppress hunger, therefore killing weight gain. However, the reason many are cut are because they work out, not from the drug itself. So realistically, no female talent in the WWE would need it because they are said to be working out a lot during the week.

Zylene is said to be a legit drug that shows amazing results when used. It is also said to be made from a legitimate pharmacy, however it has yet to be passed from the Food and Drug Administration.

So, it is only available online and not in stores. Pharmacies have it because it can be prescribed for some reason. Yet, most don't know how it was available at Signature Pharmacy in 2007 because it was not carried by many pharmacies at that point.

But, because it is not a banned substance in the WWE, any diva using the drug will receive no penalty what so ever. It is clearly a good drug, but it is possible that it can be abused.

Some women think they need it when they don't, which is why they had to acquire it illegally. No doctor would give them the drug because it is a powerful substance that the woman does not need.

So, while the WWE won't penalize them, if the agencies decide to reveal all names, then the women on the list could suffer public ridicule, but that's about it.

On to other WWE drug news.

It seems the WWE is really cracking down on its potheads. The fine for a positive marijuana test is now set at $2,500. It has been at $1,000 for some time now, but now the WWE just can't take it anymore.

They are also testing people who have had positive tests before more and more. Drug Tests are done every month, and there are surprise tests too.

There are said to be three or four a month, then they will just have two the next. Its all to catch them off guard, so if they are on something, they won't have any time to cheat.

Marijuana tests are done four times a year on all talent, but as mentioned before they are done more frequently with others.

Pushes have stopped because of positive marijuana tests, and that takes away money. Then they have the fine on top of all of that.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter from a few months ago, the WWE has been talking about counting positive marijuana tests as a strike if you get a certain number of positive tests in a row.

The WON is probably right here, as The Brian Kendrick was released shortly after his last positive marijuana test. He had tested positive 14 or 15 times in a row at that point.

This is not making talent happy, so it is possible that the talent won't be testing positive for marijuana often if at all anymore. It's about time.