SEC ALERT: Auburn's Good Again!

BamaFreakCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2009

AUBURN, AL - OCTOBER 23:  Aubie, the mascot of the Auburn University Tigers, rests during the game against the University of Kentucky Wildcats on October 23, 2004 at Jordan-Hare stadium in Auburn, Alabama.  Auburn defeated Kentucky 41-10.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Well, the title pretty much says it all. Watch out SEC, Auburn's back. As much as I hate it, it's true. They proved it against Mississippi State Saturday night. 

Now, I know it seems weird. An Alabama fan writing about his arch rivals team in a good manor. Yeah, it's true. I have, even though I hate them more, respect for Auburn. I live in a town where the population is more Auburn fans than any other. Most of my friends are Auburn fans, some of my family, and my neighbors. I can't escape the dang people.

But back to the point of Auburn proving they are dangerous this season.

Auburn not only beat Mississippi State Saturday night, they did it with no problem. They just played, and the points came automatically. They reminded me of Auburn's 2007 team. Not their 13-0 team from 2004, but they played great. Now before you scroll down and start typing your statistical comment about how bad Miss State is, or how Auburn really didn't play great, here's what i'm saying:

Auburn played like the 2007 squad. That team beat Florida, Alabama, Clemson, and Arkansas. They finished 9-4. Yes, I realize they lost to Mississippi State that year, but I didn't say Miss State played like their 2007 squad against the Tigers. Auburn recorded their sixth straight win over the Tide, and they cruised past Clemson in a great Chik Fil-A bowl win to wrap up their season.

Sadly though, that was their last bowl game. Auburn didn't exactly have a "good" season in 2008. Not even mediocre. I doubt 5-7 and a loss to all your rivals is what your coach wants out of your team. Maybe it is, but i don't know what Tommy Tubby thinks about when he is walking the sidelines. 

Speaking of Tuberville, he was fired at the end of last season. That brought on the old ball coach from Iowa State, Gene Chizik. Not a bad coach? Well that was apparently Auburn's decision for me to just sit back and laugh at. Well, he is proving me wrong so far. After wins over Louisiana Tech and Mississippi State, he is 2-0, and his team is looking pretty good.

If Chizik can pull of a win against West Virginia next week, Auburn may be on their way to a top 25 spot in the rankings. Not a bad start for Chizik.

I made my predictions in pre season for Alabama and Auburn. Well, I said Auburn would go 7-5 losing to West Virginia, LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia, and Alabama. Let's say after week one and two, they have changed slightly. Now I think they will go 10-2.  Only losing to LSU and Alabama. They will end their season in a Cotton Bowl game or Capital One bowl, or another bowl of that prestige.

I still think Alabama will go 12-0, win the SEC, and then win the National Championship.

Auburn may make a big run this year. I think they are under rated, and nobody is really paying attention to the Tigers of Auburn. They get West Virginia, Ole Miss, and Alabama at home this season. Tough games will be the road games against LSU, Georgia, and Tennessee. If they can win those three and only lose to bama, they will be BCS material. If they beat bama, they will be in the SEC Championship. Not sure if they are good enough to beat Florida, but we shouldn't be to worried about that unless they actually make it there.

 One things for sure, Auburn is becoming a threat in the SEC now. Watch out!