Virginia Tech Finds Its Offense, For Now

Jacob MotleyContributor ISeptember 13, 2009

Saturday's game against Marshall ended the way it needed to: Virginia Tech found an offense, and along with it a boost of confidence.

Virginia Tech's offense exploded for 605 yards, the most they have had since 2001. Of that, 444 yards came from their impressive running game. The Hokies' newest offensive star, Ryan Williams, rushed for three touchdowns and a solid performance from true freshman David Wilson added even more confidence, as he ran for more than 100 yards and a touchdown of his own.

Tyrod Taylor's "improved passing" abilties were again questionable as he started 0-for-4, overthrowing a couple passes and even throwing an interception in the end zone. But he would finish the game in a much stronger fashion, completing 9 of his last 11 passes, including two touchdowns. Considering he only threw for two touchdowns all of last season, it appears that Tyrod is in fact ready to improve his passing game.

Having a solid lead in the second half opened up an opportunity for backup quarterback Ju Ju Clayton to get some playing time. Although he didn't have any completions, he was on the verge of throwing a touchdown pass of his own if it wasn't for a pass interference call on Marshall.

Now, Marshall is by no means Alabama. And yes, Virginia Tech was favored by three TDs to win. But in the past few seasons the Hokie offense has struggled against lesser opponents, so to see them put up 52 points—with only 7 coming from special teams and none from defense—goes to show that they have made changes in their offensive production and could be on the right track to have a very respectable offense this season.

After only two games in the books, Tyrod Taylor seems to be effectively spreading the wealth. There are four receivers with three or more catches each, and he has two running backs that have both run for 100 yards in a game, and both have reached the endzone.

Does this one game mean Virginia Tech's offense is one to be feared? No. They will need to continue to get up and down the field on offense all season long, but this was most definitley a welcomed sight for the Hokie Nation.