Husker QB Zac Lee: Nebraska Vs VT Player Profile

Bleacher ReportAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2009

Coming into the 2009 season, the Nebraska Cornhuskers assumed that it would take a few games or a good portion of the season for the offense and quarterback Zac Lee to find their comfort zone.

Well, apparently not.

In the season's first two games, Lee is 42 of 57 for six touchdowns and one interception.

Yeah, Yeah, I know. Florida Atlantic and Arkansas State aren't major players from a BCS conference, but Lee didn't complete those passes against air.

Coming into yesterday's game against Arkansas State, Nebraska Offensive Line coach Barney Cotton, said of the Red Wolves, "They have a Big 12 quality defensive line."

There is little doubt about that with defensive end Alex Carrington and his line mates.  Carrington will be playing on Sundays and is likely a first-day pick in the 2010 draft, if not a very high pick.

Arkansas State blitzed, the Nebraska offensive line adjusted, and Lee found 13 different receivers and tight ends to get the ball out to. 

That's not a typo. Yes, Lee hit 13 different players with passes. 

Lee possesses the ability to make all of the throws. He has a legitimate 70-yard arm and displays great touch on deep balls.  His throws from the opposite hash mark on 15-yard out routes are darts that have no arch in the throw, giving the defensive back very little, if any, time to react.

I know that many assumed that the Nebraska defense would have to carry a bigger load early in the season, but honestly, the offense has looked better than the defense, in my opinion.

Coming into the Virginia Tech game I expect that the Hokies will get their yards on the ground and Tyrod Taylor will be able to make some plays with his feet and a few in the air.

But, Nebraska may have an X factor in Zac Lee. 

Could Lee's passing and the fact that Virginia Tech will be unable to shut down the Nebraska passing game by taking away one or two favorite receivers be enough for the Huskers to get a surprising victory in Blacksburg?

Could there be enough of a disparity in passing ability of Nebraska's Lee to the Hokie's Taylor that the Huskers could just surprise on Sept. 19?

Cornhusker fans are hoping that that turns out to be just the case.