Could Ben Be The Best Ever? Maybe.... If Arians Doesn't Get Him Killed!

J HartmanCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2009

If Bruce Arians doesn't get Ben killed he could become the best ever Let's look at some in depth analysis.

Ben throws a lot of interceptions right?

Ben holds on to the ball too long and, as a result, takes a lot of sacks right?

Right on both counts!  Some say that's just Ben's style.  I say it's a combination of his style and necessity!

Pittsburgh has some talented wide receivers so why does Ben have to "create" opportunities?  Let's do an in depth analysis........

With the talent of today's defensive backs, particularly the cover corners, a receiver is typically open for a very short period of time and the opening is minuscule in size; it's all about the receiver and the QB timing up the slight separation.

A cover corner has a couple jobs to do with emphasis on covering the receiver but he must also remain in position to defend against what I will call "mis-timed" and "mis-direction" plays such as screens and draws.

In the case of the Steelers, the defensive backs know that Arians offense doesn't include "mis-timed" and "mis-direction" plays so they are free to focus 100% of their ability on sticking to the receiver like glue.

This leads to even less separation by the wide receivers.  The Steelers receivers are open for slightly less time, and less space, than the NFL norm.  Take a guess what this causes?  That's right!......the QB will throw a few extra picks, and he will have to manufacture something by holding on to the ball and waiting for a receiver break open.

It's frightening to think how good Ben could be if he were operating in just a balanced offensive game plan, let alone a good one!