Wwe Breaking Point Matches

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Wwe Breaking Point Matches

WWE's Breaking Point is a whole new concept of Main Event Submission Matches.The matches made for this event is brutal and it will be the Premiere of the submissions concept.The only match result that has been exposed is the Randy Orton v.s. John Cena match. This is one of the most cautious type and dangerous match in the wwe. It's a humiliating match for who ever has to say the words that no one wants to say. The words "I Quit" will be spoken out of Randy Orton. The story line of the wwe for now has a disqualification for Randy Orton.

Randy Orton will be abusing the rules of the match and will get disqualified but will not regain his title. The story line has it that since it's been 5 months for John Cena with out the title he must get back the title soon. So, the wwe Story line has written that John Cena will win back the wwe Championship belt Tonight at Breaking Point.

As for the other matches no one knows the results of it. We will have to wait for the match result durring Breaking Point. The list of matches are listed below, with it's type of match for each. Well, as seen in Breaking Point we finally got our true champion back John Cena. Randy Orton said "I Quit". As far as abusing the rules Randy Orton used hand cuffs on John Cena and it back fired on Randy Orton.

1 Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena "I Quit" match for the WWE Championship. If anyone interferes on Orton's behalf, he will lose the title.
2 Chris Jericho and The Big Show (c) vs. Montel Vontavious Porter and Mark Henry Tag Team match for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship
3 CM Punk (c) vs. The Undertaker Submission match for the World Heavyweight Championship
4 D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) vs. The Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase) Submissions Count Anywhere match
5 The Great Khali (with Ranjin Singh) vs. Kane[20] Singapore Cane match
6 Christian (c) vs. William Regal (with Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson) Singles match for the ECW Championship
7 Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

Singles match for the WWE United States Championship

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