WWE Breaking Point: My Predictions

Smoke And MirrorsContributor ISeptember 13, 2009

I am going on a limb here and calling this one of the worst decisions of a PPV that the WWE has done since the infamous December To Dismember.

Making all main event matches submission-related was an extremely bad idea; we all know that it would be a very bad decision to make a top face submit in any sort because it will make him seem weak, and since probably the top four babyfaces in the company are in submission matches [Undertaker, Cena, HHH and Shawn Michealse], there is a big chance that all of them will win.

The only subtle (and reasonable) way to make one of the heels win in a situation as such is to have the babyface get "knocked out", or for one of the babyface's allies to come in and throw a towel, thus ending the match.

And what is the deal with removing the Intercontinental title match? I was looking forward for that match very much!

John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler are two very talented athletes who would have had an excellent bout, but instead we're getting some stupid, meaningless Raw-midcard match which was not built for whatsoever.

Anyways, on with my predictions:

United States championship match: Kofi Kingston (champion) VS The Miz

This match had no build-up, and is irrelevant. I had faith in The Miz to be taken seriously as a wrestler, but thanks to a certain Mr. John Cena, that went flying out the window.

I don't think that it would make sense to have a title change in a feud like this where the match is just a filler, so I think that Kofi will retain.

Now we can look forward for another month of fatal-four-ways on Raw and Superstars where Kofi would catch the "surprise" win everytime.

Singapore Cane match: The Great Khali VS Kane

This is one of the most ridiculous feuds ever. And I feel very sad for Kane, who spent most of his career in this business yet still gets picked for the worst feuds.

It will be tough for him to carry Khali in yet another PPV match, but with a match like this, they could just whip each other with canes untill one of them wins. Anyway, I think Kane will get the win yet again.

ECW Championship match: Christian (champion) VS William Regal (with Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson)

This match had potential to be match of the night at Summerslam, but the WWE turned it to catastrophe, and further buried the ECW championship and it's legacy for the second Summerslam in a row.

So hopefully, they won't drop the ball on this one as well, and hopefully this match will deliver. I think William Regal will steal a win here with the aid of Kozlov and Ezekiel.

Unified Tag Team Championship match: Jeri-Show (champions) VS Mark Henry & MVP

So, this is basically a tag-team match between two teams that can't be considered as a legitimate tag-team, since none of them were together for more than two or three months.

The build up was shockingly good, with single matches between these four competitors. I presume Jericho and MVP will carry the match and try to fix any mistakes that might me done by both Show and Henry.

I suspect that the strap will remain with Jeri-Show since they are doing quite a good job, especially Jericho, as a floating heel on both Smackdown and Raw every week.

Submissions Count Anywhere match: DX VS Legacy

This feud started between HHH and Randy Orton but somehow turned into a "gang war." It will be exciting to see the reception Shawn Micheals recieves by the hands of the enraged Montreal fans.

As I explained earlier, I cannot see either HHH or Shawn Micheals tapping out just like that, they are two "legends" with great connections and will never allow for such a preposterous act to occur.

So unless a "towel is thrown" or something similar happening, I see DX further burying Rhodes and DiBiase.

"I Quit" match for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton (champion) VS John Cena

All the signs are there; Orton gaining momentum before the "epic clash," Cena lashing out the statement "I WILL NOT QUIT!!", and so on. I think the time has come for the end of the Age of Orton.

It was a good run, and I am proud of Orton for surviving that long with the three biggest egos in the WWE today breathing down his neck. But all good things come to an end. and Orton's title reign will come to an end this Sunday.

Although there is one exception, although I don't think this will happen, if the WWE still want to keep the strap around Orton's waist for another month or so, they could make him punt Cena and thus knocking him out, and ending the match in a draw. But that is very unlikely.

Submission match for the World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk (champion) VS The Undertaker

This is the match that I look forward to the most. This has "match of the night" written all over it, because we all know that both the Chicago Made Punk and The Deadman can deliver in big matches, and this is no exception.

It is Hell's Gate vs. Anaconda Vise. But I still think that there is no way that they would make The Undertaker lose clean (and tap out to that matter). So unless they have some sort of "uncertain conclusion" for this match, I think The Undertaker will win.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my fifth article here on B/R, and have a nice day.