Arizona Cardinal's Cheerleader Of The Week

Brooke McGeeCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 18:  Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders perform in the second quarter in the NFC championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles on January 18, 2009 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

There are many reasons to be in attendance at a live football game, a unique life time experience in exchange for some of your hard earned money from The Man.  It is one of the rare occasions it is handed over with glee.

The lights, the sounds, the smells, and let’s not forget the sights.

NFL cheerleaders, specifically in my focus today, the Arizona Cardinal cheerleaders, are a sight to see.  Even as a female one has to appreciate the vibrant energy, gleeful smiles, and wonderful display of bouncy talent.  

Who wouldn’t want to be one, if even for a day?  Or, perhaps, helping to hold up the tower…

Let’s take a closer look at Alexis, our peppy auburn haired and bright blue-eyed cheerleader of the week, Arizona native of course.    

Not only do fans get to appreciate her ravishing beauty and skillful display of flexibility, she is an amazing individual to focus on.  Forget the stereo-typical reputation that follows cheerleaders through television and the big screen, this woman is beauty and brains, the real deal.

Currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing with a minor in Spanish, Alexis does not thrive on taking the easy way in life.  Outside of the squad, this multi-talented woman is also a caregiver as a nanny for two wonderful children she adores, as well as a talented competitive dancer.

A fan of the outdoors, Alexis has a passion for camping, kayaking, and snowboarding.  Her plans for the future involve becoming fluent in Spanish and traveling abroad.

Though most do not take the time to appreciate these women for more than the glittery, dazzling flash of pom poms that they flutter, the NFL strives to continuously aim for the best to represent them and their fan base. 

They are far from the image that most of us have on cheerleaders, and are frequently role models and volunteers for the communities that they live in.

It is undeniable that these women receive far less attention than the million dollar vested athletes that they are rooting for, but it is undeniable that they are just as pivotal part of the game as any of the athletes and coaches. 

Ok, well some would debate that.

But can you honestly imagine a game without the leg-kicking acrobats that accompany it? 


It would almost seem to be diminished, a lesser form of the sport without the age old tradition of beautiful woman careening the side lines and begging cheers, much to the enjoyment of the fans that are packed into the stands and watching from home.

Now let’s get real, we all love to watch them.  Well, maybe not everyone, but almost everyone, and who can blame them? 

There’s a reason that little girls dream to be them and men strive to stare.  They are entertaining, gorgeous, talented, and thanks to the picky requirements of the NFL (dare anyone shame the reputation of this fine organization), amazingly talented and brilliant specimens of the free world.   

Is that maybe what adds to the appeal, the complete package that these women appear to offer?  One can only speculate why we are just so darn captivated and entertained. 

But, it may just be the short skirts, let’s not get overly analytical here.