BLUE Them Out Of The Water: Is Michigan Back In Business?

The RookieCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2009

If you weren't able to catch today's rivalry game between Michigan and the 18th ranked Notre Dame "Fighting Irish", then you missed a classic. This game was back and forth, but Tate Forcier and the rest of the Wolverines were able to dethrone the "Fighting Irish" and win 38-to-34 in the final seconds...

I thought Michigan done a great job today, especially with the "spread" offense against Notre Dame. While Michigan's offense was nothing short of tremendous, I thought their defense was in room of improvement. Some plays that shouldn't have happened did, but they're offense made up for it.

Still, I see some signs that Michigan's defense will improve greatly, and their offense will only get better, along with the new sensation, "Tate Forcier". The first time I've heard about Forcier was in my NCAA Football 10 game for XBOX 360. He was a sensation in the game and I thought, "wow, Michigan may have the next big QB", but it was only a game so I thought I was a bit delousional, until I saw his performance last week, considering it was only his first game, he was great, and I even have a nickname for him, "the White Michael Vick". Now this week against ND, he looks like a top rising star in College Football.

Michigan looks pretty strong this year, a good offense in the early stages of their potential led by Forcier, great Special Teams led by Stonum, good, but yet to seek their potential defense, led by Donavan Warren, and looking pretty confident coaching staff obiviously led by Rodriguez, Michigan's looking very good.

Looking at the many, many thousands of fans in Michigan Stadium go crazy for the first time since Lloyd Carr was head coach and Ron English was Defensive Coordinator, I was proud. Finally, we Michigan fans can cheer again, put on our TV's and watch Michigan once again...

All I have to say is watch out Ohio State, Penn State and the rest of the NCAA, "Big Blue" is back!