Juventus v. Lazio: Juventus Player Ranking By The Half

Jake P.Contributor ISeptember 12, 2009

ROME - SEPTEMBER 12:  Martin Caceres (C) of Juventus celebrates with his team mates after scoring the opeing goal during the Serie A match between Lazio and Juventus at Stadio Olimpico on September 12, 2009 in Rome, Italy.  (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

Juventus defeated Lazio 2 - 0 on Saturday.

*The ratings in this article are the opinion of the author regarding the individual performances in the match. It was written to promote healthy discussion, not to give an account of the match, or to report any sort of news. Therefore, read the article with the author's viewpoint in mind.*

First Half

Buffon: 7 : Probably the only reason Lazio are not winning at the half.

Caceres: 5 : Hot and cold so far. Great when covering the wing, but is struggling when attacked head on. Movement forward could be better.

Legrottaglie: 6 : Didn't deserve the yellow card he received, and has otherwise been effective.

Chiellini: 6.5 : Solid performance so far, he has made mistakes in possession but has made up for them quickly.

Grosso: 6 : Solid so far in his debut, but could be more effective moving forward.

Melo: 5 : Seems to be moving in slow motion today. Is ineffective moving forward, but has provided strength in the middle.

Camoranesi: 4 : Obviously should have been rested after seeing international action.  Lacks pace, sloppy in possession, and his crosses have been poor.

Diego: 4 : Struggled to make any significant impact in attack, and had problems maintaining posession. Substituted late in the half with an injury.

Marchisio: 6 : Proving how hard of a worker he is, and has been the catalyst for much of Juventus' forward movement. Also probably should have been rested.

Trezeguet: 2 : Other than one decent shot he has been completely ineffective.

Amauri: 5 : Has been on the receiving end of some questionable calls, but seems to be improving as the game has progressed.

2nd Half / Overall

Buffon: 7 : An absolute rock in goal, deserves much of the credit for a clean sheet despite Lazio's lack of quality shots on goal.

Caceres: 7 : A surprise goal in his Juventus debut.  Was more effective in all areas in the 2nd half.

Legrottaglie: 6.5 : Seemed to tighten up the partnership with Chiellini in the 2nd half. A solid performance overall.

Chiellini: 7.5 : Completely shut down Cruz, and provided leadership in the defense.

Grosso: 6.5 : Solid on defense and moved forward well.

Melo: 6 : A very solid defensive performance, but had very little impact on attack. Played his role well.

Camoranesi: 4 : Had more of an impact in attack in the 2nd half, but was still moving in slow motion. Very ineffective crosses. Was subbed out for Tiago.

Giovinco: 7: The spark that Juventus needed. Created countless opportunities and terrorized the Lazio defense.

Marchisio: 6.5 : Never slowed down and provided solid defense on the right.

Amauri: 5 : Did not get a single favorable call all night, but still managed to make his presence known.

Trezeguet: 3.5 : Was useless for the first 93:23 of the game, and then was gifted a deflection which found the back of the net after he mis-hit the shot.


Tiago: 5 : Didn't do anything great, but didn't do anything wrong.

Molinaro: N/A :

Post-Game Observations

- It was obvious that Lazio's strategy was to control the middle of the pitch. This is not too surprising given that Marchisio and Diego are not pure wingers. Thus, Juventus struggled to maintain possession in the middle of the pitch in the first half.

However, once Grosso and Caceres started moving forward more effectively, Juventus were able to maintain possession in attack and put the ball in the box.

- The majority of Sebastian Giovinco's touches (especially early on) were with his head, however when he did get a touch with his feet he terrorized the Lazio defense (strange for a 5'4" man to get more touches with his head).

- The referees seemed to be very willing to hand out yellow cards to Juventus today, and called many fouls on Juventus.  However, Lazio clearly did not commit as many fouls, and were more tactful with the challenges.

- Grosso and Caceres provided a new level of quality that Juventus has been sorely needing.  I look forward to seeing the Caceres - Cannavaro - Chiellini - Grosso defense once they've had more time to gel.


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