Brandon Jacobs: An Analysis Of The New York Giants' RB

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2008

Here is my analysis of Brandon Jacobs, running back of the New York Giants:

1)     Speed: B+

While casual fans often don’t think of Brandon as fast due to his massive size, he does run a 4.5 40, which is incredibly fast for any power running back. Although many skeptics have argued otherwise, Brandon does have the speed to be a home run threat when asked to do so.


2)     Run Power: A+

Brandon just may be the most powerful runner in football. At 6’4, 264 pounds, he certainly is the largest. Brandon has learned to run low and punishes defenders with his shoulder pads. In this respect, Brandon Jacobs may be the scariest running back in football.


3)     Agility: B-

Ok, he may not have the same moves as a Tomlinson or a Willie Parker, but with his size, who needs moves? However, Brandon has shown the ability to juke defenders out, so I feel a B- is a fair rating.


4)     Vision: B+

Brandon runs with good vision of the field, as he shows the ability to cut back and find the open lane. And if there are no lanes to run through, he makes them.


5)     Receiving: B-

Brandon Jacobs is an adequate receiver, but there’s still improvement to be made in the area. However, I expect this facet of his game to improve in time.


6)     Pass Protection: B

Currently, Brandon is pretty good in pass protection. However, with his size he certainly has the potential to be better. Within a couple of years, I can see Brandon becoming a monster in pass protection.


Overall: B+