Sooners' Coaching Staff Lied About Offensive Line.

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 05:  Head coach Bob Stoops of the Oklahoma Sooners before a game against the Brigham Young Cougars at Cowboys Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

It's understood a coaching staff has to say things to give their team confidence and that they can't throw their team or players under the bus to the media, but the coaches for OU made some statements about the Line that were flat out lies.

In the spring, Stoops publically scolded his offesive line saying that they were the weak link of the team and need to work harder. I believe he was being honest and trying to send a message to the lineman that they needed to work harder to meet the expectations the coaches had for them.  

As the summer went on, however, the tune changed. We heard how hard they were working and how much they had improved. I have no problem with those statements. I am sure they were true; I am sure the line was working hard and the line was improving.

As the summer went on, the line seemed to improve tenfold every practice according to the coaches. We then started hearing from a few that this line could be really good, and finally the one thing that seems to be a flat out lie, that they may be better than last year.

While I do think that Sooner fans dismissed that statement and knew there was no way the line would be that good, it instilled hope to the fans that the line would be good from the start, and that hope seems to be fool's gold after the BYU performance.

The line could not figure out the snap count much less figure out how to pick up a blitz. The line we were just told could be better than one of the best lines ever at OU may have had one of the worst performances in the school's history.

Maybe the coaches knew the issues with the line and thought their only chance was to pump up the line with confidence and hope they would be as good as they were told they were.

The line could still end up being good. They have the talent, and with time they may gel into a formidable force. Sooner fans shouldn't lose confidence from one bad performance. 

Either way, it was a flat out lie that the line was as good or better than last year's. The question remains: were the coaches lying to themselves, or just the public?

Truth be told, I don't need honesty from coaches, but I need much more than what they put out on the field against BYU.