Dan Hawkins at CU Worse Than Bill Callahan at Nebraska?

Tyler DaleCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2009

DENVER - AUGUST 31:  Head coach Dan Hawkins of the University of Colorado Buffaloes protests a call to the officials against the Colorado State University Rams at Invesco Field at Mile High on August 31, 2008 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Both coaches came in with prior success. Bill Callahan had taken the Raiders to the Super Bowl, and Dan Hawkins had helped build Boise State into a perennial BCS threat. Now, it appears both of their careers at their respective Big 12 schools will have ended in four seasons.

At least that's the way it appears after the Buffs surrendered over 600 yards and 58 points to MAC powerhouse (and yes, that's a joke) Toledo last night. Two games into his fourth season at Colorado, Hawkins is now 13-26, a mark that doesn't stand a good chance of improving considering the Buffaloes' most difficult games lay ahead of them.

While everyone in Husker Nation (myself included) still looks at the Callahan era as a black eye, he at least won more games than he lost, something Hawkins will be hard pressed to do as he'd probably need two more seasons at Colorado just to have a chance to even it up.

Based off of what I saw last night, Colorado is looking at at least six more losses (West Virginia, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Nebraska) with a couple of other games that could go either way against Texas A&M, Iowa State, and Kansas State.

While I used to revel in seeing Colorado get beat, that was usually against other conference opponents. Seeing them get their ass beat by Toledo, on the other hand, is a black eye for the entire conference.

I was out at a bar last night and the game was on TV, and you'd have thought I was a Buffalo fan the way I was getting harassed by my Big-Ten backing friends.

Unless Hawkins pulls off some kind of miracle, he'll likely be gone by the end of the season. My only hope is they don't call Shawn Watson to see if he wants the job.


Other thoughts on this week's games:

- I saw an article today about Notre Dame-Michigan that said the winner hopes to "continue its resurgence". Since when does beating Western Michigan and Nevada the start of a resurgence? Is Nebraska "resurgent" after beating Florida Atlantic?

And I'm not only talking about the quality of competition, I want to know why the hell anyone is making these ridiculous statements after ONE GAME. And that's what's personally depressing about today's ND/Michigan crapfest: Whoever wins will be proclaimed "back". I hate the media.

- I am salivating.....you know what, I'm going to capitalize it for emphasis..SALIVATING...over getting to watch USC go into the 'Shoe tonight with a true freshmen quarterback and embarrass the "class" of the Big Ten on their own field.

Between that game and Air Force potentially beating the Gophers tonight in Minnesota's return to campus in their new stadium. You have no idea the ordeal it is to deal with delusional Gopher fans up here in Minnesota, it's a test of my patience on a weekly basis.

- Big Ten off to a great start right now, Wisconsin is down 14-0 to Fresno State in Camp Randall.


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