Monaco Grand Prix: Great Race, Horrendous Coverage

Sheiban ShakeriSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2008

For the first time in a long time, I watched a Formula One race with the British channel, ITV.

I knew that obviously they would be cheering for Hamilton, because he is British, on a good team, and talented behind the wheel of the chrome car. His talents are supreme and there are no doubts that he will one day be champion.

But with ITV, 'pro-Hamiltonism' was at a dime a dozen. It was Hamilton bias, not British bias.

I don't mind Lewis Hamilton at all, but every time James Allen kept talking, I was loathing it. While Bernie-vision (the universal Formula One race coverage that everyone sees) was covering a few battles at the back, James Allen was talking about Lewis Hamilton, who had a very comfortable lead and was just driving as opposed to battling.

It would have been nice to have Martin Brundle commenting about the current battle that we were seeing.

James and Martin even had Mike Gascoyne, the Chief Technical Officer at Force India, as a guest commentator, but all he was doing was answering James Allen's questions about Lewis Hamilton.

Of course, the race was not exactly the procession of race cars going through the streets as you would normally see in Monaco, but with James Allen and Martin Brundle at the helm of the ITV commentary, I just did not feel like I had gotten the full view of the race.

However, I did know a lot about Lewis Hamilton at the end! I'm sure you would agree that that was unfair for the others.

Still, people will ask about the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix where Jenson Button took his first, and so far only win, and I will say that back then, they were more balanced in their coverage of non-British drivers, such as the battle towards the end with Pedro de la Rosa and Michael Schumacher.

Of course, the ending was quite fitting with James Allen going berserk when Button crossed the finish line, but the coverage of the race was reasonable, and I felt like I had gotten a lot out of the race, even though the bias was clearly British.

But for this race, you did not have James Allen giving a facts sheet about Jenson Button. It was racing with an English twist!

If ITV would be good enough to talk about more drivers and colour commentate more battles than just the ones that a certain driver with a yellow helmet is in, then it would be better for non-British fans who get the live feed off of ITV.

I understand that Lewis Hamilton is British, and he is now leading the driver's championship, so you'll have more talk about him, but it should be known by ITV that Lewis Hamilton is not the only driver out there.