Countdown to WWE Breaking Point: Part 1

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2009

Before I get to the preview of WWE Breaking Point, we all should take time and pay respects to the fallen of 9/11. Also let's pray to the families of the loved ones lost in the tragedy. Let's take a moment of silence before we move on. Thank you.

In an event where everything was Unforgiven, now it's time to reach to that Breaking Point. WWE Breaking Point is this Sunday and LIVE from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. It's 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT live and only on pay-per-view.

To order WWE Breaking Point, call your local cable operator. If you have DIRECTV order it here or DishNetwork to order the event.

If you wanna watch it on the net order the WWE Webcast of Breaking Point or watch it on a free online stream if you don't wanna spend that money.

Shoutout to Lynyrd Skynyrd for the theme song to WWE Breaking Point "Still Unbroken". It's off the album "Gods & Guns" which will be released on Sept. 29.

Also to note, if you were looking at the Breaking Point website and found that the Morrison/Ziggler match was not in the card. They took it off. If you wanna know more click here.


The Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho & Big Show, survived another challenge at SummerSlam when they defeated Cryme Tyme after one blow (punch) from the Big Show to JTG, Jericho pinned JTG for the win.

However, the night after the Biggest Party of the Summer didn't go so well.

Undefeated boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather was guest host of RAW that night and he had a war of words with the brash unified champions. Then came the "ballin" superstar himself MVP.

MVP made it known when he called the Unified champions that if he and a partner beat Jeri-Show on RAW, then they get a shot at Breaking Point for the tag titles.

Floyd was interested in that and that partner was "The World Strongest Man" Mark Henry.

I knew this tag team was gonna be formed but not this soon. Anyway, MVP and Mark Henry was victorious due to the brass knucks of the "Money" man himself. They received a shot at the champions at Breaking Point.

The next week on RAW, the champions gave the first punch to the challengers. YRJ was victorious over MVP and The World's Strongest Athlete defeated The World's Strongest Man. Next week was a different story.

The Price Was RAW for the champions when Bob Barker became guest host. Jericho was given a chance to win a trip to Hawaii but had to earn it against a superstar. Much to his chagrin, it was MVP, and Jericho's chance of going on a trip was canceled.

After the domination of Santino Marella, Big Show was facing another superstar but it was Mark Henry and they faced off in a "Body Slam" contest. The first wrestler to slam his opponent wins. Henry won that match by slamming the giant.

Now at Breaking Point, the game of two-upmanship is out the window when the Unified Tag Team Championships are up for grabs. Will Jeri-Show dominate another tag team? Or will MVP & Mark Henry pull off the upset? Find out which tag team prevails.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageand a 1/2. I'm interested to see how this match goes down. The tag teams have chemistry, but the biggest matchup out of the two tag teams are Big Show and Mark Henry. I wanna see how these two work against each other especially with the titles on the line.

PREDICTION: Chris Jericho & Big Show. The tag team duo of MVP and Mark Henry are not gonna just kiss the titles but put up a fight. However, when it's all said and done, Jeri-Show will retain their titles.


At SummerSlam, this bitter feud between The Punjabi Giant & The Big Red Monster took it course. These two battled it out but at the end, Ranjin Singh was used as bait for Kane to take the victory over The Great Khali. What we thought was the end was just the beginning.

Singh has become the subject of this rivalry. Kane points out that Khali is not as tough as he thinks, questioning him because of his care for his brother...of course, who wouldn't defend his brother?

Anyway, what was all about the Battle of the Giants turned to kidnapping and holding Singh for ransom. The rivalry was gonna take a different turn and it could swing to Khali's advantage.

Five days removed from SummerSlam, Kane took on the former Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio, but at the end Kane was disqualified for not respecting the referee and ramming Mysterio to the steel post.

Then came an infuriated Punjabi Giant and his brother down the ramp to confront the Red Monster.

Both duked it out when Ranjin Singh nailed Kane in the back with a signapore cane but it had no effect on him. Kane put his hands on the Giant's brother but Khali hit him with the cane.  Now we have the rematch, *yawn* but this time it's a Singapore Cane Match.

The Big Red Monster has been on a terrorizing path of destruction since his return, but could that be his downfall heading to Breaking Point? This match is in Khali's arena and he knows how to use a Signapore cane.

At Breaking Point, which giant will fall? Can Kane beat Khali in his own game? Or will The Punjabi Giant finally get his revenge on The Big Red Monster. Find out Sunday in Montreal.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageHonestly, I knew this rivalry would not end, but this is everybody's least favorite. Seriously, kill this feud.

PREDICTION: The Great Khali. He's gotta get a win and especially in his own match. Khali's been a jobber for months since his transition to a face. Hey, anything is possible.



At SummerSlam, there was history made but for William Regal it's something that he wants to forget. As soon as Regal was about to get ready take his robe off, Captain Charisma hit Regal with the Killswitch and picked up the victory in eight seconds.

However, that was bittersweet when Regal and his cronies, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov, dissected him. Then Regal hit the Regal Stretch on Christian.

Two days later on ECW, William Regal was outraged at what happened at SummerSlam but Tiffany gave him another opportunity to be the No. 1 contender to the ECW Championship.

William Regal defeated Christian but with the devastating headbutt by the Moscow Mauler, that enables Regal getting a shot at the title.

The next week, Christian and Tommy Dreamer returned the favor by hitting the dangerous faction with Singapore canes. However, Regal was pleased with the destruction of Christian and Dreamer. Then he gave Dreamer the Regal Stretch and reminded the ECW Champion with a kick to the head.

At Breaking Point, Christian will defend his title against William Regal but he has to worry about Jackson and Kozlov. Strength in numbers could play out in the ECW Championship Match.

Will the numbers game catch up with Captain Charisma? Or will Christian overcome the odds that are William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson, and Vladimir Kozlov to remain ECW Champion. Watch these two adversaries go at it for the ECW Championship at Breaking Point.

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize imageThis time, there will not be another eight seconds between these two. I expect a hard-fought match, but it won't steal the show.

PREDICTION: William Regal. As much as I want to pick Christian to win this match, the odds are stacked against him with Regal's massive cronies outside the ring.  

Stay tuned for Part 2 on the Submissions Count Anywhere Match, WWE Championship Match and World Heavyweight Championship Match. 


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