This Week in The NBA and 5 Things I Think

micheal malcolmCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2009

Welcome one and all to 'This week in the NBA, where I try to highlight major events, current happenings and quirky facts concerning the NBA. Comments are always welcomed please enjoy!


I like the recent trade between the Hornets and Wolves. The Wolves as much as I would love to see Flynn start, this is the right move bringing in Antonio Daniels a veteran to mentor, and to give the team another much needed veteran presence (the 2nd Round Pick helps as well) Wolves GM


David Khan likely will make a boneheaded trade or signing soon as he has followed up good moves with puzzling ones.


I’m not sure what I should be thinking regarding Dwayne Wade’s decision to wait till next year to discuss his new deal. I suppose that it is his choice but really I am starting to believe that he is waiting to see what can be done before committing however with a good year I am sure that the Chicago Bulls may be able to sign him in my personal opinion.


Allen Iverson will try to prove his critics wrong but in the end he will not. Don’t get me wrong he’s an excellent player however I am unsure of how he will show how dominate he can be when there are other ball-hoggers, and no real off the ball players in Memphis. Let’s assume that there are 85 shots to be taken on average per game (unlikely but let’s have some fun here) Zach Randolph takes about 15-20 shots a game, Rudy Gay about 12-15, Mayo about 17-20. That equals to 44-55 shots a game. Iverson routinely takes about 20 shots a game meaning this is nothing more than an attendance grabbing signing. Just in case you think I was exaggerating read this.


While I think that the NBA referee’s are underpaid, based on the information available what they are willing to accept is not unreasonable and they do have a tough job. Can you imagine being 5’4 and having to explain to a volatile 6’8 Ron Artest why he committed a foul? Neither could I.


If Luis Scola can replicate his fantastic numbers from the World Championships the Rockets may not be as bad this year.


Michael Jordan could have selected anyone to speak for his HOF induction I like the selection of David Thompson, as he was one of the original high-flyers and one of the greatest players in Denver History.


In an interesting twist former Bulls GM Jerry Krause will not be attending, after reading his reasoning I think he has a legitimate reason.


Not everything you have heard about Michael Jordan is true here is a prime example, and if you still doubt it read this. Jordan is one of the greatest athletes in the history however as the years have passed I’ve noted this increase of negative or Jordan secrets being revealed…how much more is he hiding? 

Keeping with the MJ theme here is ESPN’s top 23 Jordon Moments (Video), and two excellent articles with varying views of Jordon here and here. Oh and the Top 23 athletes in Chi-Town history…who do you think is Number 1?


From European Basketball Championships: This is Tony Parker’s Show, with France advancing this must be the case as Ronny Turiaf, and Boris Diaw are not slouches but they aren’t that great either.


In lesser news the Warriors have re-signed the third PG on the depth chart.


An interesting take on the point of view Kobe may be holding the Lakers back in achieving their true potential on offense; however Kobe creates when no one else can so I suppose it’s a bit of trade off.


Michael Redd thinks there is another chapter in his career AFTER his surgery…somehow I remain unconvinced, Redd is a shooter and nothing more he is not a franchise leader, and he is an overpaid one-dimensional player that is lucky that someone thought he could lead someone somewhere.


Rodney Carney hasn’t had the opportunity or the health to show off his vast offensive potential, finally after heading back to team that traded him to acquire Elton Brand Carney is getting that chance with Eddie Jordan.


One of the NBA’s most hated players Kermit Washington (known for punching Rudy Tomjanovich in the face in 1977) has some sound advice for disgraced football player LeGarrette Blount. Kermit has done some outstanding work helping to combat HIV and hunger in Africa.


Apparently Stephon Marbury has made the world wonder if he’s homosexual, not that I care but apparently Marbury as also made us aware of how long he can ‘last.’ Here’s his response.


For you long-suffering Chicago Bulls fans you may have a big man in your future. Oh and Derrick Rose has a plan to get better.


This is not a dig of any kind to anyone who has these aspirations however the D-League isn’t that great of a league to play for…and it’s not an easy road to the NBA according to Marcus Williams.


One of the Greatest players in Golden State History, Rick Barry shares some interesting views on Kobe and Lebron.


For those Knick fans that believe Lebron is coming to NY next year you must understand that it is getting less likely every day.

Lastly while Tracy McGrady may be declining as a player however his work in Darfur is outstanding, I truly wish people like Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant would use their considerable influence to help those less fortunate. You can view this documentary here.



My 5 Non-Basketball Thoughts of the Week


Somehow in our yearly football pool someone went with Kurt Warner at QB with the 1st overall pick, now this would have been the weirdest pick

except the second pick was Matt Forte. Matt freaking Forte. We play in a basic league ( that isn’t that deep, so I wanted to share that with anyone who plays fantasy football, as they likely wouldn’t believe it either. No amount of drinking, or wife nagging is an excuse for NOT taking Adrian Peterson (who was my pick at #3). Sidebar: Fantasy football is great way to make fun of people who don’t know about football, just saying.


The Colorado Rockies have turned baseball on its ear with their current record. (Considering the horrid record they had back in May) The only thing I question is why didn’t Jim Tracy work out in Pittsburg? I hope that the Rockies can overtake LA as well. We’ll call it ‘the curse of having Manny’ from now on.


I am extremely pleased that Pat and Kevin Williams winning the right to play a complete NFL season after the ruling here. Frankly too many times the leagues the players play in focus on the petty things, like this instead of finding ways to enhance sport and take it to new heights. It’s kind of like baseball blocking Jay Gibbons, but yet still giving Sammy Sosa and Big-Mac a pass and options to remain in the game.


I’m not sure why, but there seems to be several challenges with the universal health care that President Obama is attempting to get passed. I think that health care should be available everywhere to everyone that is paying taxes. It’s not that people who don’t pay shouldn’t be able to receive but they should be the ones billed in my opinion.


I was extremely touched by Blaine Spencer’s article on Arthur Ashe, the first widely celebrated black tennis player. I think this article highlighted Ashe’s inhuman ability to speak out and give a voice to people that didn’t have one or that were afraid to speak out themselves. I have no idea if B|R is still doing the POTC thing but this is a winner in my book.


Until next week