B/R Wrestling Section Competition: Who Made the Biggest Impact?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 11, 2009

For a while now, we have seen people come and go in the pro wrestling business. Not all of them were great, of course, but many were. However, many of us have a different opinion on who made the biggest impact of all who stepped into the squared circle.

Some say The Rock did; others say Stone Cold. Some would even go as far to say that Chyna made the biggest impact on the business.

When you talk impact, you don't talk about who was the best wrestler technically. You can talk about their technical skill, but to say someone made a huge impact on the business "only" because they could wrestle well makes no sense at all.

We also need to keep in mind what a wrestler did for the company they were in, and what they did for the wrestling business as a whole.

This is not restricted to the WWE, WCW, TNA, or any American business. It doesn't matter who you pick, they just have to be a pro wrestler who "you" think made the biggest impact on professional wrestling.

You cannot pick promoters or promoters/wrestlers, though—only pure pro wrestlers. So people such as Vince McMahon are out.

You have 24 hours to enter, and all you have to do is leave a comment below. It's first come, first serve. So whoever leaves the comment first gets the wrestler.

The competition starts this Sunday and will end the following Friday (you can write your article any time between). There will be an article written by myself with all of the contestants and their articles.

The B/R public can write in a comment who they think had the best article, though the contestants are not allowed to vote for themselves.

I'll remind everyone of the details regarding how to vote later to make sure everyone understands.

My pick will be Lou Thesz, so it's one down and millions of wrestlers to go.