Rage in the Cage 134: A Quality Showcase of MMA in Tucson, AZ

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst ISeptember 11, 2009

This Friday night in Tucson, AZ, Mr. Roland Sarria brings fight fans Rage in the Cage 134. RITC is the premier MMA promotion in the state of Arizona.  RITC is delivered to fight fans all over the state in the form of extensive and quality fight cards. 

RITC showcases both professional and amateur competitors.  At RITC 134 Mr. Sarria has put together 20 fights for MMA fans in the desert.  Every weight class will be represented, with fighters ranging from 135 up to 235lbs.

Arizona has produced some of the best fighters the sport has seen.  Many high quality competitors are forged in the heat of the desert, and many of those fighters compete or have competed for RITC. 

Looking back, one of the greatest ever, Dan Severn once competed for them.  WEC Lightweight Champion Jamie Varner competed for them.  Current Strikeforce standout Joe Riggs, and TUF 8 winner Efrain Escudero have also fought for them.  

These names only represent what has passed.  Today promising up and comers like Eddie "Crazy Face" Arizmendi Jr. are showcased at RITC events.  Eddie is a proud champion in the lightweight division.  His style is impressive, and his fights really entertain.  He is fighting Mike Ashford in the main event.  Eddie's strap will be on the line.

Another notable fighter competing will be IFL veteran and Tucson Scorpion, Gabe Casillas.  Casillas will be competing on his birthday.  His opponent Jeremy Larson should weigh in with a slight weight advantage.  This should prove to be an interesting fight.   

It is important to note that RITC showcases  amateur fighters as well.  Tucson's Own Apex MMA will be well represented at the event.  Arizmendi leads the way as a pro, but many more up and coming Apex fighters will be on display.

Highly revered by respected talent evaluators, is amateur Joe Yaeger.  Weighing in at 235 and built like a Sherman tank, Yaeger boasts a formidable wrestling pedigree.  To go with that, he is developing an ever improving stand up game, and apparently he has a chin to match his frame.

Insiders tell Inside Fights that Yaeger is one of the few than can train and spar with living legend Don Frye and still leave the ring with his wits about him.  That in itself is impressive, but when you combine it with a base talent in wrestling, and ever improving hands, watch out.

For the more mainstream conscious fan, there is something for you too.  Controversial and always interesting, Junie Browning of TUF 8 will be available for signing and photo opportunities.  This is a great chance to meet one of the modern personalities of MMA.

Another fighter that needs no introduction for local fight fans is George Roop.  George was a competitor on TUF: Nogueira vs. Mir and made Tucson proud with his efforts.  While Roop wont be competing, he will be available for photo and signing opportunities.

This event has a lot to offer for a very modest price tag.  Located at the Desert Diamond Casino, RITC tickets are on sale at the door for just $30.  Not bad for 20 fights and a chance to meet some well known fighters.

Of course, not everyone is demographically capable of cruising over to the casino, but the event is still available online.  For more information visit the RITC web page.  There is information about not only the promotion there but their training facility as well.

Sometimes as the sport grows, fans grow with it.  The heights it has recently achieved are more than some ever imagined.  It is important for fight fans to remember, while they are looking on at the pinnacle of the sport  they should remember to pay attention to the roots.

It is important to support local and regional MMA.  By doing so today, the sport is made stronger for tomorrow.  Tomorrow's champions may be competing in your backyard.  Get involved, get behind MMA, get yourself out there and support them.