Battle Of The Ages! HBs On The Cards Roster Fight It Out?!

slanidraC93 slanidraC93Contributor ISeptember 10, 2009

In this article I'm going to outline the HBs on the cardinals roster fighting for playing time, playing or maybe even waiting to be noticed.



First off let's look at last years starter and the HB at the #1 position this year: Tim Hightower.

Hightower finished the regular season with 399 yds rushing, 2.8 avg, and 10 Tds. Not exactly the performance you'd want from a starting rookie HB or any HB for that matter. Many are quick to judge hightower because of the year he had last year but many people forget about his college career. Now his first year (not starting) he had 58 rushes for 2.8 but again this is his first years. Sophomore year he had 777 yards for 5.5 and 9 Tds. Quite impressive; don't forget his last year before enter the nfl. Almost 2000 yds rushing, a 5.9 avg and 20 TDs. Now those are some good stats. Don't forget this year he's lost some weight, so some added speed and agility should help him achieve his great college numbers. 


Now let's move on to this years first round draft pick Chris "Beanie" Wells.

Beanie wells looked pretty good in pre-season once he got on the field off of an unfortunate injury. Now that's the big question mark with this guy: his durability. But the truth of the matter is he only missed 3 games in college; and to label him injury prone is almost unfair. We musn't forget either his college career statistics: 0ver 3000 yards rushing(3,382), 5.8 avg, and 30 TDs. The only foreseeable problem with Wells (outside of the alleged injury prone label) is the fact that in college he wasn't thrown to, and arizona loves throwing to its backs. Overall i think wells should do fine, but between Hightower and himself I favor hightower.


Now on to the new "scat-back" LaRod Stephens-Howling(LSR?).

The 240th pick overall in last years draft. Could he be a 7th round diamond in the rough? MAYBE.

He had a mediocre college career. His best year being his sophomore year, in which he rushed for 893 yds (5.0avg) and 9 TDs.  His first year he ran a 4.5 avg and 4.1 avg the last two years. One good thing about him is that he was thrown to at least somewhat in college, which the cards look for in their backs. He also showed great (dare I call it phenomenal?) kick returning ability. Some say, and i agree, he looked like Sproles from the chargers out there. On the whole I don't think, quite obviously, that he could, would or should start for the cards. By the looks of things he should get some playing time and make some play as a scat-back and a kick returner though.


On the whole the real battle is between Hightower and Wells obviously. My personal opinion is that Hightower will be our main in the future; but Wells does look to have a future as well. One things for sure it's going to be watching this young back fight for their right to stay on the teamthrough next season.