Sergio Garcia Will Never Win a Major Championship...Never!

Taylor UrbanskiContributor ISeptember 10, 2009

JERSEY CITY, NJ - AUGUST 29:  Sergio Garcia of Spain reacts after hitting out of the sand trap on the 12th hole during round three of The Barclays on August 29, 2009 at Liberty National in Jersey City, New Jersey.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Sergio Garcia has been one of the biggest disappointments in golf since he turned pro 10 years ago at the ripe age of 19.

The once exuberant young Spaniard dazzled crowds with his Seve-like shot-making and eager attitude to win and be the best!

Recently, however, there seems to be a new Sergio, a man who does not have the same sparkle in his eye and hop in his step.

A good friend of mine was fortunate enough to attend the Wyndham Championship a few weeks ago...yes, the same tournament Sergio let slip away from his rather firm grasp entering the final round.

The most shocking report I received from my friend during tournament week was the amount of comments he heard from fans not wanting to watch Sergio, comments such as, "Sergio's so boring now," and "I don't want Sergio's horrid display of putting to rub off on my own game."

These comments along with Sergio's horrific downfall during the Wyndham got me thinking about Sergio's future in golf. Will Sergio ever shake the title of "Best Player Never to Win a Major?"—I honestly don't think so.

Let's think about Sergio's game; a magnificent ball-striker, in my opinion, the best ball-striker in the imaginative, incredible short-game...a Seve-like ability to recover from the most difficult of situations.

And a dreadful putter!

If you disagree about the putting, please get your head checked.

Has anybody who's won a major been categorized as a dreadful putter? Not that I can remember. The closest I can think of is Vijay Singh winning the Masters but I would say Vijay's worst putting days in his prime were close to Sergio's best.

But maybe Sergio's ball-striking and short game are enough to at least win one major...maybe that's why the golf world still seems to think Sergio will win one eventually. But there's more.

Remember how Sergio has acted during Ryder Cups? He plays with a fire and passion unlike any other golfer in the world, he has the twinkle in his eye, he plays with a desire to not only win, but win big!

He plays with an attitude that makes Americans cringe, but that makes Europeans chant! Where does this Sergio go after the week of the Ryder Cup? Why can't he play with the same passion during regular weeks on Tour?

Maybe Anthony Kim drained him of any passion he has left at last year's Ryder Cup, hell, maybe Martina Hingis drained it out of him!

All kidding aside, I have not seen the same passion out of Sergio he has shown in the past. In my opinion, his attitude at the Wyndham was almost embarrassing. He seemed to not even really care.

Sure, the great Phil Mickelson did not win his first Major until he was 34. Sergio's only 29. But Phil won twice the amount of PGA Tour events at age 29 that Sergio has won thus far in his career. And Phil can putt, boy, can Phil putt!

Maybe I'm totally off course (and I'm sure you will all let me know it!)...but maybe I'm not!

Has Sergio given us all he's got? Will he ever have that breakthrough moment?

I really don't think he will...sure, more victories are in his future. He's too good of a ball-striker not to accidentally win here and there.

But Sergio's at the point in his career where there's so much pressure from the media, himself, and the golf world for him to win a major, that the putting will just get worse and worse.

And the chances of him winning a Major will get slimmer and slimmer.

Sergio's chance at a Major title, in my opinion, is over.

A great disappointment to Sergio, to me, and to golf.