Seattle Mariners: Can They Possibly Improve?

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst IMay 24, 2008

I am in a depression phase with this Mariner stinkfest.
It's depressing enough as a Seattle sports fan when considering the following:

  • The Seattle Sonics were the second-worst team in the NBA
  • Despite that standing, they ended up getting the fourth pick in the draft removing all chances of grabbing Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose
  • Oh yeah, and they might end up moving to Oklahoma
  • UW football finished last in the Pac-10
  • The UW basketball team missed the big dance, and ended up losing in the weakest post-season tournament, the CBI
  • And although the Seahawks had a great season and won their conference, they failed to make it to the NFL Championship game, and their Super Bowl chances seem to be getting smaller and smaller

I'm not gonna lie, I was one of those people hyping up the Seattle Mariners to be a contender this year. However, if you see our division preview, we did pick the Mariners to get second. Now a much clearer picture has been painted.

The M's aren't even competing for second place. They are tied for the worst record in the major leagues with the San Diego Padres. This isn't pathetic, it is flat out EMBARRASSING!

Starting pitching, one perceived strength by fans and players alike (the latest Sports Illustrated players poll shows 8 percent of baseball thought we had the best rotation), sucks.

So far on this road trip, the opposing team has scored an average of 11 runs and the Mariners have lost by an average of six runs. Obviously this will get better, but seriously, something like this shouldn't even happen to a pitching staff that was thought of as the fourth strongest in the league.

It'd be a mistake to just blame the starting pitching. Our fielding is also horrendous. Everyone is making errors. Our offense only drives in runs when it doesn't matter, our bullpen was shaky when we were winning games, and now the bullpen doesn't even matter when the starters are allowing so many runs.

I agree 100 percent with Geoff Baker at the Seattle Times that the players need to be held accountable. But for right now, I'd just like the ship to stop sinking, so I could instead enjoy this beautiful weather with a decent baseball team, not the worst in the MLB.