Breaking Point For Some; Turning Point For Others. 5 Breaking Questions

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst ISeptember 10, 2009

Breaking Point is this Sunday on PPV, were you can go to any of your cable subscribes and order it live this Sunday on Paper Per View.

With two title matches this Sunday with four of the biggest names in wrestling, it is hard to see who will walk out as champion.

The fans don’t think that they will see Undertaker tap or Cena quit, well my thought is how is the WWE going to figure things out if they want to keep rivalries and title reigns continue.

We will see two tag matches this Sunday seeing a first in both matches, the odds of three-to-one for one champion trying to overcome the odds and one match that means nothing to a lot of us.

There are five questions that will need to be answered this Sunday at Breaking Point.


1. How many first will we see at Breaking Point?

This is the first of four new PPV’s and this is going to set the bar for the next three. This is the first Breaking Point with the first ever Submission Count Anywhere Tag Team Match, first I Quit Match for Randy Orton and first time we will see Punk and Undertaker go at it.

Will we see more first this Sunday, will we see WWE’s Superman aka John Cena say I Quit, will the Undertaker tap out for the first time, will we see William Regal first World Championship Reign and will we see our first good match out of Khali and Kane together.

I see some of these possible happening but with the WWE some are questionable at best. We have a better chance seeing Khali and Kane having the match of the night then to see Cena say I Quit and Taker Tap Out.

I could possible see Regal win his first World Title but that’s me because that’s the only way I see that rivalry continuing.

Theodore Long could be down to his last chance to get off “Probation” at the first new PPV, but will he deliver. It could have something to do with the World Championship match or adding an Intercontinental Championship Match making that seven matches for the night.


2. What Tag Team match means more for the future of tag division?

Mark Henry and MVP will be going after the Unified Tag Titles against Show and Jericho, on the flip side we will see DX face of against Rhodes and DiBiase in a Submission Count Anywhere Match, but what match I more important to the future of the Tag Team Division.

We all expect a face turn by DiBiase before the end of the year so why build up a team that will break up near the end of the year. Michaels and Hunter to me will win that match and move forward to destroying Legacy.

Henry and MVP look like they could be a good tag team down the road if they keep going but in no way would win against Show and Jericho at Breaking Point but there could be a good chance at Hell in the Cell or Bragging Rights.

To me the Unified Tag Team Title Match is more important because when you think about it in the long run Jericho and Show will need a good tag team to rival with an I doubt it will be Hart Dynasty and on the flip side, who will DX go after they destroy Legacy.

I could see DX taking over the Raw, ECW and SmackDown rosters if they get into with it Show and Jericho for those Tag Titles.


3. Will it be the Anaconda Vise or Hell’s Gate?

It is the Straight-Edge superstar against the Deadman in a battle of submissions this Sunday at Breaking Point and many would say they will see Punk tap out to Taker and Hell’s Gate, but there is a slight possibility that it might be tapping out.

The scenarios is going to kill any creditability for one superstars return or one seriousness as a World Champion.

Scenario One, Advantage Taker and Disadvantage Punk: If Taker wins this Sunday then we will see his seventh World title Reign and will kill all if any creditability for Punk being a serious Champion with a lengthy title reign.

Scenario Two, Advantage Punk and Disadvantage Taker: Punk wins making his a serious Champion with good chance of a lengthy title reign and for Taker it would be the first time he taps out killing a little of his credibility and making his return now a head scratchier.

I see Hell’s Gate prevailing over Anaconda Vise, but with the WWE anything is possible or it just might be predictable. No matter what its going to be a lose situation for someone’s return or another’s future.


4. Will Batista have any involvement at Breaking Point?

Batista will be making his return for a career alternating announcement, but in what way as a new member of Legacy or his retirement.

If Batista is going to have any involvement its going to be in this WWE Championship match and helping Orton retain. Dave will somehow make an appearance at the PPV and it will be a turning point for his career one way or another.

I think of how Batista’s involvement could shake up the future of Raw and maybe the WWE. We all know that DiBiase is turning face and after seeing what happen to Dusty could it be Rhodes turning to. Well what I say is Rhodes and DiBiase’s lose is Orton’s gain if Batista jumps ship.

I also see a Batista and Orton rivalry with DX in the future if this were to happen but that is down the road and is a story for another day.

Will Batista announcement have anything to do with what he might do this Sunday at Breaking Point? That is one question we might get a answer to this Sunday.


5. Two Men, Two Words and only One Champion. Who will say I QUIT?

John Cena is the Superman of the WWE right now and Randy Orton is the best thing going for the WWE right now, so it is hard to decide who will say I Quit.

Cena has been an a I Quit match before and basically started his Superman status in the WWE, Randy Orton on the other hand will lose any creditability towards his title reign status if he loses by saying I Quit this Sunday.

It will be interesting to see if Batista puts himself in the middle of this rivalry and possible not even taking sides and possible see a Triple Threat WWE Championship match in Hell in a Cell.

I think this will be a good match and there is a good possibility that Monday night on Raw we will hear Cena say “The Champ is Here”.

Breaking Point will be that to some and a Turing Point to others.

Thanks for your time and I ope you enjoyed reading.