Fantasy Football: Top Ten Picks

Casey HCorrespondent IMay 24, 2008

1. Tom Brady: Fantasy-wise he is easily the best quarterback in the NFL. With 50 touchdown passes last year and Randy Moss still on the Patriots, I don't see him slowing down any time soon.

2. Adrian Peterson: Last season he rushed for over 1,300 yards and scored 13 total touchdowns in 14 games. He really has no limits to his abilities, and with the Vikings looking like a dominant team in the NFC, I think he will put up incredible numbers. The only downside is he will continue to split carries with Chester Taylor.

3. LaDainian Tomlinson: LT is easily the best running back playing the game right now, and will put up decent numbers. I don't have him first because I think the Chargers took a step backwards last year and really need to get a passing game going to take pressure off of Tomlinson.

4. Brian Westbrook: Westbrook has the best catching abilities out of any running back in the NFL. This places a duel threat, because he can gain yards on both the ground and through the air. I think his numbers will be based on whether or not McNabb can stay healthy.

5. Ryan Grant: Grant came out of nowhere last season, being one of the four or five running backs to start for the Packers. As soon as he got the job as the starter he took off running and never came back, putting up big numbers. With Rodgers starting at QB, I think the Packers will look more to their running game.

6. Randy Moss: Last season he set an NFL record with 23 touchdowns. The fact is that no one can cover this guy, and Brady will continue to hook up with him in the endzone.

7. Marion Barber: Now that Julius Jones has gone to Seattle, Barber is now the featured back in Dallas, and will get more carries than before. Felix Jones will take some of the heat off him and Barber will easily break 1,000 yards rushing.

The Cowboys are a high-scoring offense so I expect to see him a lot in the end zone.

8. Ronnie Brown: Even though the Dolphins were losing every game they played, Brown still managed to lead the NFL in fantasy points until he was injured and out for season. I think with Jake Long on the offensive line, he can continue where he left off.

9. Tony Romo: Dallas will be the team to beat in the NFC this year, and Romo will lead their high powered offense. With Terrell Owens down the field and Jason Witten in the middle, I think Romo will continue to put up the numbers like he did last year. It also helps to have Terry Glenn back.

10. Steven Jackson: The Rams were hit by an tornado of injuries last season and it took them out of the competition. Jackson is a fighter though, and if the Rams get healthy he will once again be a major threat.