My NFL Picks for Week One

M. S.Correspondent ISeptember 10, 2009

4 May 2001:  LaDainian Tomlinson #21 runs with the ball during the San Diego Chargers Mini Camp at Murphy Canyon in San Diego, California.Mandatory Credit: Todd Warshaw  /Allsport
The NFL season is upon us for the first time since Strotty’s Blog has come about, so it’s time to make picks.  For each week, I will make picks straight up and against the spread.  I will keep a running tally of my record so you can see how good (or bad) I am at picking NFL games.  So here it goes, my picks for week one.

*NOTE* My spread picks are on the left and the bolded team is the team that I believe will win the game.  Obviously if I take a favorite to cover then I expect them to win the game as well.

Steelers -6 vs. Tennessee

Broncos +4 @ Bengals

Texans -4.5 vs. Jets

Vikings -4 @ Browns

Saints -13 vs. Lions

Colts -7 vs. Jaguars

Chiefs +13 @ Ravens

Buccaneers +6 vs. Cowboys

Eagles -2 @ Panthers

Giants -6.5 vs. Redskins

Seahawks -8.5 vs. Rams

Packers -3.5 vs. Bears

Falcons -4 vs. Dolphins

Chargers -9 @ Raiders

Patriots -10.5 vs. Bills