Jasbir Dhani: The Greatest of All

Krishna DhaniCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2009

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Based On A True Story

Jasbir Dhani is my uncle that was sixteen when he died, it was a tragic, he was such a loved person in the family. This story has to do with Josh, Shawn, and Krishna Dhani.

Jasbir Dhani was among us the youngest uncle we had, but he had always thought and acted like he was the oldest. He wanted to take care and respect the family and he did. If he was still alive to this day he would have been a retired NFL player.

He always wanted to be an NFL player and a lawyer. Since the time he found out about football he was impressed he played in high school and wanted to go on to college football. If he made that dream come true he would be the greatest of all.

He could have been any position, he was like a all time everything he could throw, run and block perfectly.

His mother Satnam Dhani was a caring lady with encouging speeches and lectures. She would always cheer everyone up in the family 'till today she still does. And it was the hardest thing to believe when Jasbir was only still sixteen and his car had slid in the icy roads of Indiana where he crashed into a pole and it was the end.

No one would have expected this to happen. It was like having fun and all of a sudden BOOM!!! The car crashes in speed. If that didn't happen imagine a strong tall 6'2 NFL player maybe for the Colts. Do you know how amazing he would be, a kid that first thought that football wasn't that cool and then was the best on his team every time and almost made it.

That is a life lost when it could be a real life changer. If he was still alive, and if you are a football fan he would be someone you would die for just to see that amazing face always smiling.

His father Baldev Dhani was a man of love and respect. He would go to the end of the world to do something for the family, anything. He would risk is wonderful life to do something for the family. But unfortunately in 2002 he died in California.

That day was when I was only three years old when the family came in extreme horror in seeing a wonderful man losing his life.

And trust me I know how hard it is for Satnam Dhani my grandma to go through this. Recently I went to Indianapolis to see her and my cousins. But all the time whenever I go into her room I see those wonderful couple in a picture.

If Jasbir Dhani was alive the world would have known him. He was the most talented person ever. I mean this guy would have made roses bloom whenever he comes by. I really can just visualize a nice guy that loves his family goes down to the NFL trying his hardest to be the best out of every one. And when he retires he will be a lawyer. That is a whole nice life set out for him.

Then once again it sadly could not be accomplished.

My own words: 'Till this day I cherish him so much and think of him. I will try to make his dream come true by doing it, I kindly want to say Jasbir Dhani was the greatest of all.