Former TNA Knockout Angelina Love Heading To The WWE?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 10, 2009

As most of us know by now, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) came to terms to release arguably their most popular Knockout, Angelina Love.

The issue with all of this was her Visa, as she is from Canada. The problem is that she worked in TNA for over two years without a proper Visa and TNA didn't care, which is why they allowed her to work there without one.

Many do not blame Love for the Visa issues as she believed everything was taken care of by TNA. TNA knew she was not from America from Day 1, and they didn't check into her Visa. She had one from the WWE as she was under a developmental deal with them from 2004 to 2007.

The problem is that she had to get another one when she left the WWE and went to TNA. TNA didn't check into that, even though they knew the Visa was not correct. You allow a Non-American to work in TNA (an American company) and you don't check into her Visa?

Of course TNA had to be on stupid alert for the past two years, but many of us knew that already.

TNA only did something with Love recently: release her. See, when Dixie Carter caught wind of the Visa issues, she quickly terminated Love's contract. Forget actually settling things from the beginning, that would be too easy. Because Love was said to have been in the dark about her Visa issues, many believe TNA will suffer the brunt of the punishment by the US Government in fines.

Of course Love will suffer too, as it is rumored she will have to pay back all of the money she earned while working in TNA. However, the report that she will be banned from the United States two to ten years seems to be a bit much, as many believe paying back all she earned while working illegally in the US will be punishment enough.

Which means she could obviously come back to TNA Wrestling...or not.

Many people think she will jump ship to the WWE whenever things are settled with her Visa. Before all of the issues with her Visa took place, she already had an expiring TNA contract. TNA tried negotiating new deals with her and she turned down every one of them.

The Beautiful People are a part of the highest rated segments on TNA iMPACT, so TNA needs Angelina Love and would pay her quite well. If she was turning down deals TNA sent her way, she probably didn't want to stay once her contract expired.

TNA hopes to sign her back when the Visa issues are taken care of; but many think she is already upset with the way she was handled there and didn't want to return to begin with, so now that she is free, she won't go back.

World Wrestling Entertainment signed Angelina Love to a developmental deal back in 2004 and were the ones who originally got her a Visa. They released her in May of 2007 and were said to really feel bad about it. They felt she had a ton of talent, but they had to release a few people and she was on the short list.

They felt even worse when the Beautiful People became the top act on iMPACT weekly. So naturally they would love to have her back.

As we know, a Visa has to be changed every time you get a new job. She didn't get that when she went to TNA, and that was the issue to begin with. TNA should have taken care of it, so many people do not blame Love for the mishap nor should they.

If she thinks things are taken care of and/or has been told they are, then she is not at fault here, TNA is. While I am not saying she shouldn't be punished, because she should be looking in on that kind of thing along with TNA, TNA is to blame more than anyone.

Love is probably upset even more with TNA now, and that is not a good selling point for them. The WWE wants her back and she is probably going to go according to many who have spoken with her.

According to reports, she is expected to be at RAW this week, possibly backstage. She is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Which is the same place RAW is being held Monday Night. Some believe she will wrestle there as sort of a try-out match.

What people do not know is that Love didn't have a no compete clause attached to her TNA contract, so once she was let go, she could wrestle anywhere she wanted. However, because it was a Visa issue, she can only wrestle in Canada for now.

Also keep in mind that because the Visa issues started at the beginning of her signing with TNA, the contract is basically null and void. So all things attached to the contract wouldn't be attached anymore. However, if we are talking about the contract she had itself, there wasn't a no compete clause attached.

Because RAW will be there in Canada, there is not a non-compete clause from TNA, and she wants to go to the WWE, it looks like she will wrestle on RAW. Of course if she does or not is yet to be determined, we will have to wait until Monday to see.

I would think they would have her wrestle in a dark match before the show or they would have her job to another Diva on the show itself. My personal opinion is that if she wrestles, it won't be on RAW itself, more so before the show.

She is from Canada and well known by the wrestling community, so her match would be a nice opening. But, it is still unsure if she will wrestle or just be at the event. Because she has no affiliation with TNA anymore, and she probably needs the money, I would not bet against her wrestling.

We need to keep in mind that she could always go back to TNA when the Visa issue is taken care of, but with all of the drama that went on between the two, I think she is done with them. Also, she thought about leaving before, so why not take the shot in the WWE if given?

Angelina Love has to be one of the better talents out there, as far as female wrestlers go, for over the past two years. But for now the Visa issue is keeping her from wrestling with the WWE, TNA, or any other American wrestling promotion.

I say the US Government will be on this case for a few months, and that will keep her out of America of course. Because of that, she needs to do this try-out match now while she can.

They can do like they have with many others and evaluate the performance and what this performer can bring to the table, then sign them at a later point.

As most of us know, the WWE signed Bryan Danielson last week. But, he had a try-out match months prior. So, waiting a few months to sign talent seems to be the way things go with the WWE.

Love is getting a step ahead here by doing the match now and getting the months out of the way, that way she can sign once the Visa issues are taken care of.

But what do you, the B/R faithful think? Should Angelina Love go to the WWE?