A New Era In Fantasy Football

Justin HulseyCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2009

DENVER - AUGUST 25:  Offensive lineman Joe Thomas #73 of the Cleveland Browns in action in the first half of the pre-season football game against the Denver Broncos on August 25, 2006 at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.   (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

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Starting this NFL season, TrenchFantasy.com will change the way people play fantasy football. Welcome the fantasy football game for…linemen.

It is set up totally different from your regular fantasy leagues.  Unlike the standard league, in “Trench Fantasy” you draft offensive and defensive line TEAM units.

Instead of players, you pick team units. TrenchFantasy.com says, “These guys play as a team so fantasy owners should manage them that way.”

You draft seven positions. An offensive line, defensive line, a secondary, punting unit, special teams group, a field goal unit, and a kickoff squad.

Just like your normal league, you can have online live drafts on TrenchFantasy.com, setup a manual draft with some buddies, or stick to the “automated” draft provided by the site.

On gameday, you’ll be in for a big change. The scoring is conducted based on first downs allowed, three and outs, fourth down stops, rushing and pass efficiency, opponent rushing yards, and much more depending on what you league prefers.

Instead of just being familiar with players, in Trench Fantasy you MUST know all team defense formations and teams offensive games. Former NFL lineman, Ronnie Lott says, “Every game starts and stops in The Trenches and Trench Fantasy finally gives us a fantasy football game that gets to the heart of what it takes to win in the NFL.”

Get started today at www.TrenchFantasy.com !