800 Meter Champion Has Male and Female Sex Organs

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800 Meter Champion Has Male and Female Sex Organs

In an article published by the Sydney Morning Herald, South African runner Caster Semenya has been said to have both male and female sex organs.

The 18-year-old runner and recent gold medal winner has been under continuous scrutiny about her gender. While having undergone numerous examinations, including blood, chromosome, and gynecological tests, the Herald reported that she is technically a hermaphrodite.

What is the next step? What is going to happen to Semenya? Is she going to be stripped of her medal from her 800m victory? Is she going to be punished? How will the IAAF handle this very delicate subject?

IAAF Spokesman Nick Davies was quoted in the Herald saying:

"These tests do not suggest any suspicion of deliberate misconduct but seek to assess the possibility of a potential medical condition, which would give Semenya an unfair advantage over her competitors. There is no automatic disqualification of results in a case like this."

It will be very interesting to see how this gets played out. The biggest concern I have is going to be with Semenya herself; how do you go forward and not be scarred by the findings?

She will need the support of her family and close friends at a time like this. Unfortunately, it will be played out in the public eye.

Let's all hope that this doesn't do any type of permanent damage to this young lady. She is an incredible athlete with all the talent in the world.

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