2009 Denver Broncos: Team Captains Announced

PunkusAnalyst ISeptember 10, 2009


The title of captain is reserved for a person who is at the head of or is in authority over others. A captain is a person of great power and influence who leads or commands others.

A captain is the chief officer in command in a naval vessel, on an airplane, or on the field of battle.

An Army captain is the leader of a company of troops that usually consists of 130-150 soldiers. This field commander is charged with both the safety of his men and the successful execution of the company’s mission.

A captain is a leader of men, a person of good repute and authority whom others look to for direction.

In the realm of sports, much like the field of battle, a captain is a field commander.  A captain provides inspiration to his fellow teammates.  He makes sure they know their jobs and are ready to complete them. A captain leads by example both in preparation and performance on the field.     

As the Denver Broncos prepare to open up the 2009 season this Sunday in Cincinnati there was one order of business needed to be finalized. The players took care of this yesterday as the voted to name their 2009 team captains.


Casey Wiegmann

A veteran center in his 14th year playing in the NFL coming off a Pro-Bowl season, Casey knows a thing or two about how to play the game of football. He is an invaluable leader on Denver’s offensive line; communicating with the rest of the lineman and making the changes in protection at the line protect the quarterback.


Kyle Orton

A fifth year player in the NFL, this will be the second team that Orton has been voted to captain, having been charged with the duty in Chicago last year as well. The quarterback position lends itself to leadership on the field. The quarterback calls the plays, knows everyone’s job, lines the players up, reads the defense, and makes the necessary adjustments.   


Daniel Graham

An eight year veteran tight end, this will be Graham’s second year as a captain for the Denver Broncos. One of the best blocking tight ends in the NFL, Graham leads by example on the field with his play and in the locker room as he promotes a team first attitude.


Champ Bailey

Champ is regarded as the best at what he does. Aside from a Raider named Nnamdi, there is not another corner back in the NFL who even enters the conversation. This is the third year Champ will represent the team as a captain as he leads by example with his play and work ethic both in practice and on game day.      


Brian Dawkins

B-Dawk has been playing NFL football for fourteen years.  All of them, up until this year, were spent with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Dawkins was the heart and soul of the Philadelphia Eagles for the the past decade leading his team on and off the field with passion and intensity.  He knows no other way to play the game. 

This seven time Pro-Bowler doesn’t know how not to be a leader, it is written in his DNA. B-Dawk was an obvious choice to be a team captain for the Denver Broncos and all gathered in Mile High this year will hear his leadership from the stands as he guides our team to victory.


Mario Haggan 

It has taken Haggan  seven years in the NFL to finally find his niche. Playing mostly on special teams in Buffalo for most of his career Haggan finally found a home in Denver after being challenged to switch positions from inside to outside linebacker.  Haggen knows what it means to work hard and fight for your job and this attitude coupled with his years of experience have impressed his teammates so much that he was appointed a captain on defense.


Wesley Woodyard 

Second year inside linebacker Wesley Woodyard was no doubt voted special teams captain for his consistent play, nose for the ball, and leadership abilities on a young Broncos team.

Seven captains in all: Three on offense, three on defense and one on special teams, these men were voted to be captains by their fellow teammates because they recognize these individuals as being leaders among them. They are the people they would go to if they needed help, advice or had a concern. These men serve proudly as stewards of the team both on and off the field and Denver’s success will be directly as a result of their ability to lead their team.

Much like their military counterparts these seven captains will be charged with helping to keep their team safe both on and off the field while making sure that they complete their mission of winning football games. They are a fine group and worthy of their positions as 2009 Denver Broncos team captains.

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