9/11: Through the Fighting Eyes of Life and Sports

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst ISeptember 10, 2009

One day. Two planes. Two towers. 102 minutes and 2,993 lives lost.

The darkest day in world history.

Many philosophers have said throughout the decades "The way in which we rebuild is more important than what strikes us down." This was never more true than after the events of 9/11.

I could sit here and talk about what happened, who was to blame and everything that was lost; but I'd sound like a broken record, continuously played for the past eight years.

Despite what happened on that day, New York, America, and the whole world as a community was able to rebuild, move on, and subsequently live our lives. But that doesn't make what took place any less significant.

The world community banded together to replace the shattered jigsaw of its existence and make it better than before. The same happens in sports.

When you read a story about another baseball star scandal, the sport, as a whole, enters a dark tunnel. It's how the teams emerge from that tunnel that we truly judge them.

When you watch a video of a rugby match, finding out that your squad is actually filled with liars and deceitful people, it's how the rugby community backs them and guides them through the storm that really counts.

Communities like B/R are like this too.

When you come comment to comment with trolls and undesirables, it's how you hold yourself afterwards that is truly measured. Conflicts are a natural part of life. Some of them are necessary, ones like 9/11, aren't.

You may sit there, watching your football team get beaten by the opposition. You could be there in person, watching your beloved baseball squad get ripped apart by the enemy. At the end of the day, we still stand together, regardless of what separates us.

Look back at the 1936 Berlin games. The world was on the verge of war. Hitler was seemingly in control and humanity appeared to be in the grip of moral defeat. Then, we are shown someone like Jesse Owens, who not only went against the grain, but also inspired the world community to hold faith.

This was a conflict, but it ended in a positive frame, something which many desire.

Then you take a look at now.

Our fighting soldiers, men and women from all around the world, living and dying for the protection of our world community. Is this necessary? Some say yes, some say no.

Whatever we think though, we must never forget that they are the true heroes of this lifetime, not some guy swinging a baseball bat, winning a heavyweight championship, or scoring a goal.

Now look back at 2001. Those lives were lost in a conflict, a battle which the whole human community has stood up against and is rebuilding from.

"We must stand up and fight for not only what is just, but also for what is right."

True in sports, true in life.

Around the world, Earths darkest day,

We've moved on from, found our own way,

But looking back at history set,

Open your hearts and don't forget,

The lives of those who left this earth,

Never seen for what they're worth,

But spirits still felt, worldly bound,

Whispers on the breeze, still found,

In roaring crowds at baseball's green,

Echoed in the home run scene,

Still present walking on this ground,

Where that of boxing fists abound,

Still cheering at the sight of gold,

From wrestling stories, new and old,

Still waiting in the hallowed stands,

For magic, of that Football brand,

Still watching from the baskets glance,

Towards the light of the balls dance,

The lives of those still live on through,

The eyes of sports fans, pure and true,

Never forget.




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