San Diego Chargers: Kassim Osgood Is Damn Good

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIMay 24, 2008

So Kassim Osgood is not attending the San Diego Chargers voluntary workouts?  That is no big deal.  If there is one thing the Chargers know, it’s that Osgood will be in tremendous shape when he does show up.

Kassim Osgood has been working at the Randy Moss Speed Camp for years with former Charger Drayton Florence—and of course, Randy Moss.  The result has been uncanny speed and agility that have turned Kassim into the best special-teams player I have ever seen on a Chargers roster.  It takes two or three guys to contain Osgood.

The 6-foot-5, 220-pound Osgood is ferocious.  I go back to the 2004 game were he literally backhanded a cornerback out of the way on his way to the end zone.  In the same year, he closed in on Dante Hall in the open field like a cheetah.  His football speed and will to win is clearly superior to that of any player on the field when he’s on it.

This has caused one fan to wonder:

Has Osgood ever considered trying the defensive side of the ball to get on the field more? He has size, height speed, tackling ability and ball skills. Maybe he could find a spot as a free safety or dime cornerback, maybe even a passing situation linebacker. – Jack

With so much speed, ferociousness, determination, and size from Osgood, I too wonder if he could be used as a pass rusher on defense.  It would seem that if guys have this much trouble with Osgood on special teams, he may cause huge problems for lead-footed linemen. 

With Osgood's long arms and agility, it would seem that a 5-foot-10 running back—just like on special teams—would be hard pressed to stop Osgood one on one.  Quarterbacks would get drilled by this guy; however, I am sure it is not up to Osgood.

I can see Kassim’s frustration with going to the Pro Bowl as a special-teams player the last two years and having to see less talented players garner much more of the spotlight.  As a competitor, you know when your combination of size, speed, and agility is greater than what the next man has.  I am sure Kassim sees it all the time.