A "Trap-Game" For Texas?

Matt HohnerContributor ISeptember 10, 2009

Who knew they had football in Wyoming?

What comes to mind when I think of the rectangular state, is Yellowstone National Park and “Old Faithful.”

The Texas non-conference cupcake schedule makes a stop in Laramie, Wyoming to play the Cowboys this Saturday.  Texas will be the highest-ranked team to ever visit Wyoming, but not the first meeting between the two teams.

Texas won’t exactly face a hostile climate in Wyoming’s War Memorial Stadium, which holds 32,550 fans.  Texas Fans are probably not worried about the disparity of talent between the Longhorns and Wyoming.

However, as a Longhorn fan, I’ll be honest, I’m a little worried.

Students laugh when I say it’s a “trap game,” because they think I’m kidding. 

I haven’t lost faith in Texas head coach or quarterback Colt McCoy, but I did a little geographic research that should worry fans.

The town of Laramie sits on a high plain between two mountain ranges at 7,165 feet above sea level!  While the city of Austin rests 780 feet above sea level, the Longhorns should pack the oxygen tanks instead of the cooling fans to counter the lack of oxygen.

The Weather Channel reports a chance of rain, and a high temperature of 57 degrees.  A big difference in climate compared to Austin, from the 100 degree + temperature and scorching Texas heat.

It’ll be interesting to see if the rain and sloppy conditions will affect the outcome of the game.

As far as the Wyoming gameplan is concerned for Longhorn fans, be prepared for a no-huddle spread offense.

The Texas defense at times showed some miscues and lack of communication against Louisiana-Monroe last week, especially when cornerback Chykie Brown was blown by a Monroe receiver for six.  Luckily, the Longhorns have depth at the cornerback position to match up with the Cowboy’s spread offense.

Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp will keep his boys on their toes.

First year Cowboys head coach Dave Christensen was hired away from Missouri as the offensive coordinator to ex-tiger Chase Daniels.

Terry is not a stranger to the Longhorns, and probably has a bitter taste in his mouth after last year’s shellacking at DKR.

I hope I didn’t scare Longhorn fans, as Wyoming hasn’t beaten a ranked opponent since 2002 and never defeated a team higher than 11.  Besides, Texas is favored to win by 34.

I’m just a pessimist.