USA Rugby: Division 1 Club Women's Rugby Standings

Wendy YoungCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2009

Gathering the information for the Division 1 Club Women's games is not proving very easy and so I have put together what I can find.

Feel free to let me know if any standings are incorrect as some of this is guess work. It looks like Competitive Region 1 & Competitive Region 3 are doing "league matches" and then the best teams according to their point system will represent at the playoffs.

Competitive Region 2 is a little more complicated as the old West teams (Glendale, Austin, Black Ice, and Sabres) are required to play three league matches and then will meet for a Central Region Tournament with Chicago and Chicago Northshore in a few weeks to determine their seeds for Playoffs.

Thanks to YSC intern Angelique for providing the CR1 info. The info from CR3 can be found on their blog here.

UPDATE: A few people have asked questions about how the seeds for each competitive region will be determined ... this is directly from the USA Rugby press release: "Each CR will receive a minimum of two of the 12 seeds; the Competitions Committee will allocate the remaining six seeds. The championship bracket will use a standard 16-team structure, with the top four seeded teams receiving a bye in the first round."

Competitive Region 1 (Pacific & Southern California)
Competitive Region 2 (West & Midwest)
Competitive Region 3 (Mid Atlantic, Northeast, & South)
USA Rugby D1 Playoffs - Oct 24-25 - Acton, MA
USA Rugby D1 Championships - Nov 6-8 - San Francisco

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