Minnesota To Win Division?

slanidraC93 slanidraC93Contributor ISeptember 10, 2009

The Vikings win the NFC North? You got it; despite many "expert predictions" I myself see the Vikings beating out the much favored packers for the division.


First of all many people have debated the Favre factor and the fact that he won't carry a whole team with him to a superbowl. As a matter of fact he won't. Let's face it Favre alone isn't what makes the team, but he is what completes it. 


The vikings have long maintained a solid defense especially against the run. The vikings front four particularly Pat and Kevin williams and Jared Allen is one of if not THE best in the nfl. The secondary should improve with playtime especially the young SSs.


The OL is let's face it great. Now one problem is the rookie Phil Loadholt at (RT), since he is a rookie; but the rest of the vets should break him in quite easily.  

Also let's not forget everyone's favorite fantasy player and offensive powerhouse Adrian Peterson who in 2 years has had over 3000 yds rushing over 5.0avg per run and over 20TDs rushing. Add in chester taylor for a some diversity in the running game as well.


Now all that's missing is? well a QB! Now one could say receivers as well, but when you look at the fact that Favre had an ever changing receiving core in GB that he constantly and consistently developed, then the receiving core doesn't matter quite as much. Also remember that there is youth in the vikings WR core to be developed.


Add all these facts together combined with a (i'll be nice) less than average lions team (who will most likely finish around 4-10) and the bears with a new QB who has more or less no weapons whatsoever. The vikings should beat both teams for a 4-0 start in the division. Now for the packers add in 1-1 for evenly matched teams; you get 5-1. Now lets compare strength of schedule between MIN and GB; clearly MIN should be favored.