Mini Randy Ortons Take On The Unpredictable DX 's at BPS

chipper smithCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2009

Breaking Point Submissions is only around the corner. Besides the match between Heavyweight champion Randy Orton and challenger John Cena, I am excited about the match with DX and Legacy.

Its like new school vs old school, only the young ones take it to the older dudes. What will it take for Legacy to lie down and stay down? What levels of humiliation do their opponents have to suffer before they say enough is enough?

It makes one wonder if they even know what that word means. If they ever had respect for anyone else besides their families, themselves, and their mentor, Randy Orton.

At their last meeting, DX did take them out. John Cena leveled Cody Rhodes on this week's RAW. Orton tried to interfere and Cena got him also.

I'm not saying that they are invincible, just very hard to beat. Triple H said the same thing and thats why he wanted to get DX back together. He wanted to show Legacy that they, themselves, can dish it out as well as take it.

Someday, Rhodes and Dibiase are going to bite off more than they can chew. Maybe at BPS will be that day.

They are exciting to watch, no doubt. The Heart Break Kid and the Game are too. Its hard to predict who will come out on top of this match.

I would love to see Legacy get their just desserts, but this has been an amazing feud, a great chase, its like the Hatfields and McCoys.

Legacy reminds me of little mini Randy Ortons. They have the same psychotic manner, they are brutal and they have malice in their hearts and minds.

Thats what makes these young superstars so dangerous. You can see Randy in every move they make in that squared circle and as time goes on, their brutalness will only elevate unless someone stops them.

So who will it be? Who is going to rein supreme? Does DX have a chance of pinning their opponents and shutting them up? Make them lie in a corner whimpering? Running out of the ring with their tales between their legs?

HBK will be tuning up his Sweet Chin Music like you would tune up a fine fiddle. Triple will be ready to execute his Pedigree, but remember, these are submission matches.

You have to put your opponent in a submission move and make him tap. This should be interesting to see who will tap out first. I think its anyones ball game.