What Ifs and Sunglasses: Getting Past Monday's Heartbreak

Bradley MartinContributor ISeptember 9, 2009


Two days have passed.  Two days of "what ifs."

What if Ponder had pitched the ball to Jones instead of holding on to it? What if Jimbo had called the timeout right after the play was over instead of trying to line up quickly? What if the refs called interference on the fade pass to Fortson? What if Jimbo had called a quarterback draw?  What if the refs acknowledged (what seemed to be) the final second remaining after the last incomplete pass?  And finally, What if Ponder threw the ball half a foot higher, or Forston held on to the ball?

These “what ifs” are endless, agonizing, and unfortunately pointless, but they have consumed my mind these last two days.  It is as if these questions have solidified and taken residence in my stomach.  If only I could vomit them out.  Get it out of my system so I can feel better and move on.  This, however, is not an uncommon feeling for the Florida State fan, especially in the Miami series. 

So what to do?  Well, for everyone it’s different.  Have beer, smoke a cigarette, play a video game, take a yoga class…become a monk.  Or, let’s just swallow it down and move on.  Move on.  The season is one game old and though its start was not ideal; I think there is a lot to be excited about.

I’ll give you the top three:

Christian Ponder is the real deal: 294 yds, three tds (one rushing).  He showed all the things FSU fans have been waiting for.  Strong arm, accurate, mobile, and above all: leadership.  His ability to answer back when it was needed most and led the Noles down the field with the game on the line is something that FSU has not had at the quarterback position since Weinke.  Sure, he couldn’t cap it off, but he put his team in a position to win, a welcome change for the Seminole faithful.

The wide receiver corps:  Fortson, Goodman, and Reed all had over 50 yards receiving.  Yeah there were a few drops, including that final play, but for the most part they ran good routes, showed nice separation, decent hands, and play making ability.  They entered the season as a question mark and cause for concern, but after Monday night the wide receivers proved they could rise to the occasion. 

Greg Reid:  Greg freaking Reid, need I say more?  I feel completely comfortable saying I have a legit man-crush on this super freshman.  In his first collegiate game Reid was easily the biggest play maker on defense and special teams.  He recorded an interception, caused an interception by hitting Jacory Harris’s arm on a blitz, had three solo tackles, and 100 yds on kick returns.  The dude is electric and watching him the rest of the season should be amazing. 

I know there are a lot of question marks on this year’s Seminole team, the D-line, the secondary, and the run game (although I think this should be the least of our worries), but these three reasons alone should be cause for optimism.  The Seminoles go against Jacksonville State this weekend and should unleash their frustration and get back to a .500 record.  If the Noles can patch up their issues the following week could be an exciting one.  The Noles will go against No. 9 ranked BYU who just knocked off Oklahoma and the boys from FSU will be looking to make a statement.

For the time being let’s all just indulge in our favorite coping/relaxing techniques and look on the bright side…you might need your shades.