War Of Words: Possible Showdown Between Gegard Mousasi & Paulo Filho?

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst ISeptember 9, 2009

Well it might not be a war of the words quite yet, but the path may very well be under construction towards a potential fight between Paulo Filho and Gegard Mousasi.

Weeks earlier, Filho stated that he would like to fight Mousasi and show him a new set of challenges that the Armenian hasn't seen yet.

"He doesn't have my strength, he doesn't have my level on the ground. He can be a better striker, but he doesn't have my strength and he'll go down once and be submitted."

Filled to the brim with confidence, Filho was even bold enough to give up his salary if Mousasi were to win the fight.

When asked about these remarks, Mousasi was clearly agitated and claimed that Filho was on the juice.

"You know, he didn't perform the same as he does in Japan as in America."

Referring to the lack of steroid testing overseas in Japan. Mousasi would later call Filho "a little donkey that's on steroids."

When asked if he would fight Filho in the U.S, Mousasi claims that if there were commissioned tests that he would fight him anywhere.

Now Filho has fired back, denying the steroid rumor while saying that Mousasi is afraid and a paper thin fighter with some added weight.

Filho also noted an excellent point in the war of the words.

"The fight isn't signed yet but it will happen. Dream and Strikeforce have (a) connection. Wherever he wants to face me off, we'll fight. Be sure we will put on this challenge."

The co-promotional efforts between the two organizations could cast aside Mousasi's steroid angst if the fight were to take place with Strikeforce. Which could also drop a promotional diamond in the lap of Strikeforce CEO, Scott Coker.

Coker's light heavyweight division is in some serious need of contenders for the championship. Although Filho is only one contender, it's definitely a step in the right direction.

What could be better than Gegard Mousasi (26-2-1) making his first title defense against Paulo Filho (17-1)?

Both fighters have combined for 43 wins with just three losses; only 11 of those fights have gone the distance.

Maybe the words will fade into the whispers of yesterday. Maybe they will escalate into an all out war. One thing is certain, the collision course has potentially been set: Gegard Mousasi will make his first defense of the Strikeforce light heavyweight championship against Paulo Filho.