Tell the Truth and Run: WWE Smackdown Is the Only Real "Wrestling Show"

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst ISeptember 9, 2009

It is sort of odd that I am calling WWE Smackdown the only real wrestling show. After all, professional wrestling is considered to be fake; which it is in many aspects.

When I say it is the only "real wrestling show," I mean that it is the only wrestling show that is worth watching (as of now) for its actual wrestling.

Most non-wrestling fans see Monday Night Raw and think that is what real wrestling fans want. Wrong!

If you want to see why wrestling fans really enjoy this form of entertainment, head on over to and catch the match John Morrison had with Rey Mysterio last Friday ...or the great match that Jeff Hardy had with Edge a few months back...or any Chris Jericho/Mysterio encounter that has happened since this summer.

The truth is WWE Smackdown is everything I want out of a wrestling show and that is only one thing really: wrestling.

I want my belief to be suspended. If the performers can make me think for that split second that what I'm watching is actually real, then I am entertained.

I know what I am watching more of a dance than a competition, but the whole "suspend my disbelief" thing makes wrestling one of the greatest forms of entertainment and Smackdown is the best, if not the only place, for wrestling fans to do that.

Simply put, Monday Night Raw has turned into a circus with the celebrity involvement and ECW continues to lose all of its fresh talent via the annual WWE draft.

WWE Superstars puts on an okay show from time to time with limited talent available, but as far as I am concerned, Smackdown is the only show true wrestling fans should follow.

If Raw entertains you for two hours straight, then there is no way you are a fan of the art of wrestling. This makes you a fan of bad comedy and horrible talking/backstage segments. I can’t even remember the last time Raw had a decent wrestling match.

Allow me to list some of my favorite WWE performers (from any brand) who are among the most talented at what they do today. My favorites include The Undertaker, John Morrison, CM Punk, Christian, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Edge, and Shelton Benjamin.

Okay, so that's five for Smackdown, two for ECW, and only Shawn Michaels for Raw.

This does not really prove anything, as that was only my biased opinion, but you get my point. Smackdown is filled to the brim with talent that has actual wrestling ability.

I am a hardcore wrestling fan and I consider my opinions to be worth something. Smackdown has the most talented hard working cast of superstars on any WWE show in my opinion. So take that for what is worth.

The reason I am writing this is to educate the "Casual Wrestling Fan." If you only watch Monday Night Raw, then I don't consider you a wrestling fan at all really.

If you want really entertaining wrestling, you have to turn over to My Network TV on Friday Night or run over to Hulu on a Sunday morning for your fill of true WWE action.

Smackdown, unlike Raw, puts the emphasis towards wrestling matches and Raw is geared towards the casual wrestling fan. So it is understandable why I dislike the show, as it isn’t made for me.

As I seem to recall, however, when Monday Night Raw was made for the “Hardcore Fans” one of the most popular times for wrestling began and the so called “Second Renaissance of the Wrestling World” began. Does the Attitude Era ring a bell to anyone?

In closing, the WWE has managed to create one horrible show, one hopeless show, one wasted program, and one fantastic showcase of everything I enjoy about pro wrestling.

The fact that these WWE programs have such a wide variety in quality boggles my mind.

If McMahon has one great program then what is so hard about making them all equally enjoyable for everyone? I suppose that is easier said than done, however.

If you consider yourself a fan of the art of wrestling, then you can't miss the Blue Brand's show; unfortunately I cannot say the same for its three sister programs.

Just a note, I am biased by the fantastic matches that John Morrison and Mysterio have put on for the past three months, the amazing promos that Punk has delivered, the return of The Undertaker, and the rise and departure of Jeff Hardy, but so what? Smackdown is great because it knows who is watching it.

They know that fans watch Smackdown for the actual wrestling not for Hornswoggle bits and Triple H telling the whole world to “Suck it.” It knows what we want and it gives it to us every Friday; wrestling.

Smackdown is the only real wrestling show around and that is the truth. Believe it or not.