If There Is a TNA Wellness Policy, It Sure As Hell Isn't a Good One!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 10, 2009

Take a look at the pic above or to the right side of the screen. Two men in that photo are Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, two current members of the TNA roster.

Now, I have defended these two forever, it seems. I mean, they are the best tag team in TNA that has yet to see TNA's Tag Team Title. But, I have to say, this is not going to help them get a chance to hold them.

They have all the talent in the world, and they choose to go Michael Phelps and hurt their image along with TNA's by doing this. But, do you think they will see any punishment for it? I don't think so.

It's TNA. They could care less if you're on anything as long as you don't die on their watch. Forget actually preventing it, that would be too easy. No, TNA doesn't have time for such things, they are working on five-star storylines.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest. Lets ask the Machine Guns a question. Wouldn't you think smoking pot would hurt your image? I mean if you knew it would, why would you pose for pictures smoking the stuff?

Did you smoke one too many and kill off the last remaining brain cells that might say, "Hey, this is stupid!"

Seriously, if you're going to do it at all, wouldn't you do it quietly? When Micheal Phelps got caught with his little issue, he didn't know he was being photographed. You freaking knew!

That takes balls, no doubt. But I am sure they could care less, because they know there will be no punishment for what they do.

It's because TNA does not punish anyone for drug-related issues. If they do, it's probably a fine of a thousand dollars or so. You know, a slap on the wrist.

Its just like kindergarten: You're young and the teacher doesn't want to be too hard. So, she sends a note home with you to give to your parents—little Billy was acting up in class.

The parents tell you to stop and that is it, but little Billy probably won't. Why would he stop? He is not getting a big punishment from his parents or the teacher. Why would he even want to? He would do what he wanted because there is no punishment coming his way.

That is TNA's Wellness Policy in a nutshell. Its something they say they have to please the government and others. But, its not like they actually enforce it.

I am sure they have one, but until they actually punish someone, how can anyone take their WP seriously?

The WWE's is taken seriously for the most part, because they actually reprimand their talent for doing or abusing drugs.

The WWE is always criticized over it though, its like people still feel they aren't doing enough or catching the right people. I hear a ton of comments from people out there such as:

"Why do we never see a top name suspended?"

"How come guys like Batista are never caught for steroids when its obvious they are on them?"

and others...

Well, to answer at least the two questions above. They do suspend top stars. Heck, they just suspended Rey Mysterio, who is considered the top draw for kids and his merchandise sales are at the top of the WWE consistently.

So, the WWE didn't want to suspend him, but had to. TNA would never do such a thing; that would be too harsh.

Jeff Hardy has been suspended numerous times, and is a big star in the WWE too. However, it never seemed to hurt him as much as people thought it would.

Batista and others could have been in steroids on the past. I personally think he had to have used before to have the body he has now. It just doesn't look natural. But, the reason he is never caught is because he is not using steroids currently.

Did he use them before? I would say definitely. But nowadays, he has no reason to use them. He is already a big guy and he is probably leaving the WWE, so why would he need to make himself bigger? It just doesn't make sense.

Others like Chris Masters were making their way up into the WWE, and felt he had to use to get anywhere in the WWE now and in the future. He was caught, and reprimanded for it.

If you see him now, he is 100 percent clean, which is why Vince McMahon took him back after two years. He is also being tested a lot to make sure he stays clean.

Umaga was going to be suspended and checked into rehab, but he refused to go and the WWE released him. So, they have been known to release top names and catch people using steroids and any other illegal substance.

Now, marijuana is treated differently. The WWE is now fining their talent two thousand dollars for getting caught and they are sent to jobbing.

As a matter of fact, The Brian Kendrick was in the Unified Tag Title hunt. He was going to take on the current champions, the Colons, once he found the right partner.

Then, all of a sudden he disappears from TV. It was because he was caught on the happy train for the 14th time in a row! The WWE just felt it was too much and finally released him.

He had talent, but he was focused on being high. The WWE realized this, which is why he was let go.

TNA wouldn't have done this, I mean why would they? TBK was actually a nice mid-card heel on RAW, and he could have been a US Champion in my opinion. TNA would never suspend him or keep him on TV, because that wouldn't do for them.

This is the kind of thing that is going to hurt them. Quite frankly, they should realize if they are going to let crazed drug addicts work for them, they should expect people to die on their clock.

People give the WWE flak for having the likes of Chris Benoit die on their clock, but they didn't know he would do such a thing.

As a matter of fact, it was found out later on that he had brain damage which caused him to do that he did, not "'roid rage" like people want you to believe.

Am I saying we should be okay with what he did? No, not at all. The WWE shouldn't have to pay for what he did.

As a matter of fact, he passed his drug test shortly before it happened. So, they did all they could do as far as testing him and seeing if there was anything in his system.

They have actually improved the test over time, and it only gets better. Sooner or later, they will know if there was something in the chicken you had for dinner the night before.

I feel TNA cannot be taken seriously when they are letting people off the hook for issues such as these. It is not a wonder all people released from the WWE go there nowadays.

Some of them actually need a shot to shine like The Pope and others. But some like Jeff Hardy, Test, and possibly Umaga wanted to go there to wrestle and not worry about a drug policy.

I don't feel the WWE has the best Wellness Policy it could have, it could always improve. But, they at least enforce a Wellness Policy.

They even offer help. Vince McMahon offers a fully paid trip to rehab for people who need it. Some have taken it, others have decided against it. But at least its offered. So they try to help their talent.

TNA need to work on that. If they actually do have a Wellness Policy, I want to see it enforced for once.

The first victims should be the Machine Guns. Suspend them with no pay, make them job to hurt their rep, do whatever.

I am so tired of seeing a company like TNA that has a lot going for them, yet they have one or two things that keep them from being great. TNA does not want to be the new WCW, as much as people will want them to be.

They should be a WWE competitor, but not the next WCW. Check out the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD for one reference. Also, check out other videos on the promotion. You'll  learn why it was not the best place to be.

The WWE is miles ahead of TNA for many reasons, but one will be that most of their younger talent will still be around in the next 10 years unless they are injured badly or something. TNA's may not be.

I know this may be an over reaction over one issue with the Machine Guns, especially over a drug like marijuana that is not going to actually kill you unless abused exponentially. But, it does kill brain cells over time, making you dumber. Along with the fact that it is illegal!

While it is true it is not as bad a steroids, it is still not good to be caught with.

Also, throw in the fact that it hurts the company's image. Do you want to look bad in the public eye TNA? If not, grow some balls and take action. I'm Just Saying.

This is not just about marijuana either, TNA has had issues with other drugs like pain killers, HGH, and steroids in the past. In fact, they even released the late Andrew Martin aka Test when the US government was checking into wrestling organizations.

The reason was that they knew he was on steroids and what not at the time, and they didn't want to be caught with that. So, they had to let him go.

They are now allowing others there to use without fear of being caught, so realistically a lot of their talent could be on something. Are they? I wouldn't go as far to say everyone is on something, because that isn't fair.

But, I wouldn't be surprised to see a high number. The issue is, they are not getting caught red-handed, so they can escape public scrutiny for now.

However, the Guns did not escape; they even posed for the camera.

I know the over reaction on the Guns may be a bit much for people now, but you will all agree that even though marijuana is not as bad as steroids or pain killers, it is still illegal and TNA has to take action if they truly have a Wellness Policy. If they don't have a Wellness Policy, one needs to be put in place quickly.


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