ROH Rewind: Tag Teams, Squashes, and Golden Oldies!

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst ISeptember 9, 2009

Two recoveries completed, but would that make a difference to the title picture? Could Jerry Lynn actually put on a good match? Would the tag teams outshine the heavyweights? Find out now!


We are at ringside with Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak, who hype up tonight's main event between Tyler Black and Jerry Lynn. We go straight into our first match of the evening.


The Briscoe Brothers vs Kenny King and Rhett Titus

The announcers hype this up as the first match for Mark Briscoe since his return from injury, before noting that they have a tough test to face in King and Titus.

The Briscoes gain the immediate advantage by attacking King and Titus instead of shaking their hands. They then followed up with hard kicks and strikes, allowing them to hit strong slams on both men.

The tide turned when Titus was tagged in, allowing him to attack Mark from behind, before hitting him with a series of double-team moves.

This continued for several minutes, but Mark was then able to tag in Jay, who proceeded to clean house on King and Titus. The momentum stopped however, when King hit a chinbreaker on Jay, before tagging out.

Titus immediately capitalised on a fallen Jay, hitting a huge Super Lung Blower behind the referee's back, before gaining the near fall.

Mark broke up the pin, before pulling Jay to his corner, allowing him to tag into the match. Once in, Mark cleaned house again, before hitting the Doomsday Device on King for the win.

Winners: The Briscoe Brothers by pinfall (12:00)


After the match, The American Wolves came down to the ring. They proceeded to verbally attack The Briscoes, saying that they were going to "cripple them again." This then led to Kevin Steen and El Generico storming the ring and attacking The Wolves with The Briscoes. The Wolves bailed, leaving The Briscoes and Steenerico to stare down each other.

Backstage, Kyle Durden is standing by with Nigel McGuinness. He asks for Nigel's views on the main event, upon which he lists the credentials of both Lynn and Black. He finished up by saying that "both of them need to keep their eyes on the ball tonight."

Next, we are shown a video of Eddie Kingston's backstage attack on Chris Hero from a few weeks ago. Prazak then mentions how Kingston demanded to meet Hero in a match tonight.

Kingston comes out first, but is met with Chris Hero's manager Shane Hagadorn. Shane tells Kingston that he hasn't done anything worthy of facing Hero, so he will face someone else instead. This leads to the arrival of Sal Rinauro.


Eddie Kingston vs Sal Rinauro

Kingston hit Rinauro with a sucker punch before the bell. Once it actually rung, he hit a spinning backfist for the fastest victory I've seen in ages.

Winner: Eddie Kingston by pinfall (0:10)


During the break, we were treated to a video package of the recent series of matches between Tyler Black and "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson.

Back to the broadcast, we see Nigel McGuinness making his way to the ring for his match against Aaron Scott. You could tell how this one was going to go.


Nigel McGuinness vs Aaron Scott

McGuinness toyed around with Scott, hitting a chain of moves, before grounding him with a series of arm and shoulder locks.

Scott attempted a comeback, hitting a couple of chops, followed by a dropkick, but McGuinness quickly hit a DDT for the three.

Winner: Nigel McGuinness by pinfall (4:00)


After the bout, McGuinness applied the London Dungeon to Scott, sending a message to the ROH lockerroom.

We were shown yet another history package, this time taking a look at Tyler Black's rise to the top level of ROH, as well as his promo two weeks ago which led to tonight's main event.


Tyler Black vs Jerry Lynn

During ring entrances, Prazak commented on how it was Black who eliminated Lynn in the three way elimination match to determine the ROH Heavyweight champion. He also mentioned how this was the third time that Lynn had faced a former champion on the weekly shows.

The match starts with both men trading holds and reversals in an attempt to one-up each other. Black finally got the advantage with a dropkick, followed up by a chain of mounted strikes.

During the beatdown, camera's showed Nigel McGuinness making his way to ringside to get a better look at both men.

Black maintained his grip on Lynn, until Lynn was able to reverse a Suplex into an Inverted DDT for the first near fall of the bout. He then proceeded to throw Black to the outside, before hitting him with a top rope cross-body block.

After fighting on the outside, Black regained the advantage with a thumb to the eye, followed up with a beautiful Springboard Lariat which led to another near fall.

Black went for a Buckle Bomb, but was countered into a Head scissors by Lynn, before being thrown into the turnbuckles. Lynn then hit a Superbomb and a TKO for two near falls.

Lynn attempted to finish off Black with his Cradle Piledriver, but was countered into a Death Valley Driver by Black, who got yet another near fall.

Black then hit Lynn with a Buckle Bomb/Super Kick combination, before going for the pin. However, McGuinness put Lynn's foot on the bottom rope to break the fall. Black began yelling at McGuinness, but was caught with a roll-up, giving Lynn the win.

Winner: Jerry Lynn by pinfall (16:30)


McGuinness backed up the ramp after the match saying "keep your eye on the ball Tyler Black, I'm not going to tell you again." The announcers then asked what would be next in Black's career.



This was a very hit and miss episode of ROH. On one hand, you had an incredible main event which not only re-established Lynn as a legitimate competitor for the Heavyweight title, but also set up the "passing of the torch" from McGuinness to Black. You had some fantastic video packages which did what they were supposed to in advancing many of the feuds, and a brilliant promo on the part of The American Wolves. However, the Kingston/Rinauro squash was an absolute waste of a match. There wasn't even a match! It did nothing except bury Rinauro more than he already is, without extending the feud between Kingston and Hero. Other than that, this was a good show, but wasn't as good as recent episodes.


Show Grade: This gets a B, but was only saved from a C by the fantastic efforts of Lynn and Black.


Match Quality

1. Tyler Black vs Jerry Lynn

2. The Briscoe Brothers vs Kenny King and Rhett Titus

3. Nigel McGuinness vs Aaron Scott

4. Eddie Kingston vs Sal Rinauro


Weekly Top Five

1. Jerry Lynn

2. Tyler Black

3. Nigel McGuinness





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