Cristiano Ronaldo: Real Madrid Offers Robinho, €80 Million

K ShakranSenior Analyst IMay 24, 2008

Like Ali, Ronaldo possess his own class and most significantly is unmistakable in saying "I am the best". He is the best, and it might be a very long way until we see another player claiming similar power and fame. Will all of this change with this current issue regarding a historic transfer deal to Real Madrid in the eyes of the Manchester United fans?

Real Madrid president announced that Ronaldo is free to leave Manchester United if he wants. The Spanish champion would almost certainly need to break the world's transfer record to sign Ronaldo, who is under contract until 2012. The current record was set in 2001 when Madrid signed Zinedine Zidane from Juventus for US$65 million.

But what more can Manchester United ask for from Ronaldo's transfer? Not only are United getting an already world class midfielder/striker in Robinho, they are also recieving €80 Million. Three other world class players could be on the list with that kind of dough. Would United sell their superstar though? I don't believe so.

If this move is executed, the Manchester United Management have to be ready not only to bring one or two world class players, but a superstar of Ronaldo's caliber. But this is very unlikely to unearth a superstar of that caliber, but it's certainly possible in maybe another ten years. I don't think United Fans want to wait that long, would they?

Would you sell a winger who can score an average of 38 goals a season?

That would be absolute madness considering he can win games on his own.
Even for 100 million Euros, I would reject it due to the fact that United can make so much profit if they capitalize on the merchandising power of Ronaldo.

How is this a good deal?  Ronaldo will do a lot more for United than Robinho and 3 other world class players will. Robinho is very good but Ronaldo is better. £80 Million is nothing to Manchester United. United should keep Ronaldo who is already settled in because Robinho plays a completely different type of football.

Fan's response if deal is executed?

All the love, fondness, ardor and amity Ronaldo gathers from the fanatic United fans is proof enough that they'll be one rowdy crowd after the deal. No matter how fantastic Robinho might be, Ronaldo will emphatically tear him down in any offensive category comparison. Passing? Check. Speed? Check. Accuracy? Check. Goal Scoring? Check. Skills? Check. And the list goes on.

Hell even if they bring in Messi and Ronaldinho in one extravagant package, Ronaldo will still be able to beat them in one way or another in the fan's eyes.

Considering the fact that football fans are sensitive, the Manchester United management should not carry out this horrendous deal. If this is about greenbacks, United don't need it.

It's not worth the risk to give up arguably one of the best known young superstars in the history of the game for money. Ronaldo's merchandise can be of assistance to the United organization if they seriously need money.

But for the sake of the fans all around the globe who both admire and support the Manchester United Dynasty, do not execute this deal.


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