Win + Loss + Win + Loss + Win + Loss = WIN

Pick LogicContributor IMay 23, 2008

It's been a few weeks since our last post (which is usually pretty good news...we definitely seem to post more often when the results aren't so great!).

But our recent results have highlighted a rather typical trend that we figured we'd highlight:

The last eight results are as follows: Loss, Win, Loss, Win, Loss, Win, Loss, Win. Alternating wins and losses is normally a losing proposition if you're gambling...but it's a beautiful thing for PickLogic.

Over those last eight results (covering a period of two weeks), PickLogic is up about 1.2 percent.

Now, who would tout a 1.2 percent increase over two weeks? Well, we would.

That essentially translates into a 2.5 percent+ monthly increase...and since we basically know that we can repeat those results over the long run that translates into a 30 percent (or so) yearly positive trend.

Yes, it's nearly sacrilegious to extrapolate a two week run to 52 weeks...but just check out our historical results—other than the streak at the end of the recent baseball season, you'll see that the results ARE just that consistent.

Speaking of the infamous end-of-baseball streak (which essentially cost us 14 percent of our gains), the recovery is well underway.

Baseball season has seen a very nice 4 percent increase in just over a month's time, and PickLogic—again, despite the 14 percent "hit"—is now back to nearly even for the year.

And we don't mind reminding you that you'd be VERY hard-pressed to find an investment option out there that's even close to even for the year:


  • S&P 500: -4.4 percent YTD
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average: -2.93 percent YTD
  • NASDAQ Composite Index: -6.18 percent YTD
  • Nikkei 225: -10.22 percent YTD
  • Housing/Real Estate market: (way down) YTD
  • PickLogic: -0.7 percent YTD

We're currently forecasting an increase of between 16-20 percent for the year.

To celebrate our impending return to the positive side of the ledger for the year (we expect to be there before the end of May), we're going to offer all new subscribers a two-for-one deal: if you sign up by the end of May, we'll double your initial purchase (buy one month, get one month free; buy one year, get one year free, etc.).

We'll also throw in a coveted PickLogic fitted cap!

Thanks to all our new members; we're excited that more and more people are seeing the light! And we'll try to make another post without waiting three weeks again (and not just because we're on a losing streak!).