Why Jay Mariotti Is Responsible For the Steroids Era

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst ISeptember 9, 2009

I have come to a point of inner-peace.  I have realized that my ultra-criticism of everyone in the sports world was unnecessary.

Bud Selig, Roger Goodell, Billy Beane, George Mitchell, George Steinbrenner, *coughs* Belichik *coughs,* even ESPN and their sponsor, The Home Depot.

I concede to you.

I realize now, the truth that was always there.

It is that the root of all-evil in the sports world is the "rat" in a cage named Jay Mariotti.

The buffoon that will travel on company dime and then quit and say that your company is going bankrupt to humiliate former co-workers, is also the man who was at the center of sports history in 1998 and failed to discover the truth.

Of course, I mean the home run race between Chicago Cub Sammy Sosa and St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire.

You might say that no one knew about the steroids issue, or that no one cared.

Problem with that is this; Mariotti has been one of the most ardent media opponents of Steroids in baseball.  He cares. 

He would like us to believe that no one could have known whether Sosa juiced in 1998.

What I cannot believe is this, Mark McGwire admitted to using steroids in 1998, and yet, Mariotti never thought to ask questions about Sosa?

You can say, well, maybe there were rumors but nothing concrete.

Consider now something about Jay Mariotti.  If you read his article about Al Davis and the Raiders in August, you will see a writer who is clearly disturbed by feelings of paranoia, persecution, and his desire to 'cleanse' the world of immorality. 

I might be off-kilter, but I know a psycho when I read one. 

When I wanted to write episodes of Law & Order, I intentionally studied nutjobs in order to develop ideas for characters.

Frankly, Mariotti's blog was in-line with the ironic "Best Of" when compared to manifestos and other psycho-ramblings, and he would make a great character on Law & Order.

It appeared that much of his article revolved around the idea that, "Somewhere, Al Davis is cackling."  Mariotti would go on to root for violence and discord, and claim that he was being "terrorized" by "rowdies" and "creeps" and that Al Davis should "vanish."

He also has stated on Around the Horn that Roger Goodell's suspensions were "God's work." 

Okay, so I dislike the suspensions, but that is the prerogative of the NFL and Players Union to sort out, while I can humbly ask questions. 

But, to claim that it's "God's work" and say that it has "cleansed" the league of "thuggery," shows an underlying neurotic hatred that could become violent, if an uncontrollable event set-him-off.

Finally, Mariotti stated that when it comes to the Raiders, he is willing to believe in gossip and hence not investigate.

Make it global, as they say.  This is where 1998 comes into play.

See, if Mariotti is willing to avoid facts when gossip supports his angry delusions, it is only reasonable to believe by the transitive property that he avoided facts in 1998 to support a happy delusion.

If, however, Mariotti had followed gossip about Sammy Sosa, as he does for the Raiders, he surely would have discovered the truth that has had to unravel over 10 years, a Congressional investigation, and a countless number of dollars.

If Jay had merely done his job as a JOURNALIST of the Chicago Sun-Times, instead of sticking the Times with the bill for his indulgences and complaining on ESPN, than perhaps the sports world would have nipped the Steroids problem in the bud way back when in 1998.

As we know now, there were many indications of juicing in 1998 and before 1998.  You might call it 20/20 hindsight, but knowing what I know now about Jay's integrity, I beg to differ.

I think he did not want to know, and that everything since has just been the, "fruits of a poisonous tree" created by Jay's incompetence, instability, and willful ignorance.

He as a journalist did not want to know.  Thus, the public and other news agencies did not know.

You could say that Jay was caught looking.

Case closed.