Rational and Raving Comments From The 'Nole Nation

Yates BoykinCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2009

Seminole fans everywhere are shamed, shocked, saddened, stupefied, sobered, and sickened after last night's crushing loss to Miami.

I attended the game, and I was able to take note of many comments that were flying around Doak Campbell. Some were rational, while others were raving.

Here are a few that I believe are rational:

"Our secondary sucks!"

This is very true. Our secondary made Jacory Harris look like an all-star, which he is not.

Patrick Robinson, whose picture was featured on the entry ticket, did not look like a first-round draft pick.

Mangum and Jenije looked like confused toddlers the entire game. Jenije was behind every single big passing play Miami turned in. Literally.

"There was absolutely no pressure from the d-line!"

Spot on. FSU's defensive line applied minimal pressure on Miami's Harris. The only pressure that Harris felt was when linebackers or defensive backs blitzed.

The defensive tackle spot looked particularly shaky. Budd Thacker is not a good enough player to see the field at FSU, but he does. He was embarrassed play after play.

"Ponder is too inaccurate!"

This remark is somewhat true. Christian Ponder had a decent game; it definitely could have been better.

When it came to deep throws, Ponder seemed to under-throw and not put enough air under the ball.

And of course there is the last four plays. Ponder looked like he was rushing his throws. In turn, the passes were inaccurate. He admitted this after the game.

"The clock management was awful!"

The clock management was not very good by the coaches or the referees.

On the last drive, FSU had ample time to score, but with only one timeout and confused players, 20 critical seconds ticked off of the clock. This could have been avoided.

And then there is the last play. Pictures clearly show that one second is left on the clock when the ball hit the ground. This would have given Florida State one last chance to score.

The play was reviewed, but the brilliant referees did not even check to see if time remained once the ball hit the dirt. I guess reviewing those things is unimportant?

None of that can be changed now, but many 'Nole fans are angry about that one second.

All of those comments seemed legitimate. However, as we all know, there are those people out there who make outrageous comments when angered (I'm included).

Here are some of those outrageous comments that I believe fit the category of raving:

"Jimbo Fisher is terrible. He shouldn't be our next head coach!"

This is one of the stupidest comments I heard. Putting up 34 points against Miami is pretty impressive. The play-calling was solid all game.

Fisher has directed Florida State back into the right direction.

Saying something irrational like that because of one loss seems ignorant and blind to me.

"Jarmon Fortson should never see the field again."

This is entirely uncalled for. I recently wrote an article stating that Fortson could be FSU's playmaker. In the first half, he most definitely was.

In the second half, he did have some dropped passes. But believe me, this game only made Jarmon better.

That last play was not his fault. Fortson had a clear 30 yard radius around him, Ponder slung it in the dirt.

Fortson will not have another game like last night's, and he will develop into the player that the coaches and teammates see in him.

"The season is over!"

This was definitely the most common outburst. I initially had that feeling, but I slowed down and rationalized. The season is not over.

There are plenty of games left to play. Plenty. FSU is a better team than what was displayed last night.

If Florida State were to play Miami later in the season, FSU would win by two touchdowns. That is completely unbiased.

I still believe FSU can play in Tampa Bay in December. It might be an FSU-Miami rematch...you never know.

Standing in Doak Campbell Stadium last night felt good again, even though the outcome was a loss. The fans were wild, and there was this certain atmosphere that was similar to the '90s atmosphere.

If that last play would have been a touchdown, you better believe that Doak would have collapsed. That obviously did not happen, but keep your heads up 'Noles. The future is bright, even though last night was repulsive.


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