Having Options and Building an Empire

Michael McGowanSenior Analyst IMay 23, 2008

The Miami Heat took one step back to the 2nd pick of the 2008 Draft. The question is whether it was one big step or one small step. As of now, the Chicago Bulls are going to draft Derrick Rose and bring him home to play guard for the Bulls. Like last year, this draft features two prizes and with Rose destined for Chicago it would seem the Heat would pick Michael Beasley right? 

Maybe not. 

Miami holds their destiny in their own hands. They have two bad contracts of Mark Blount and Marcus Banks that they are interested in losing. They are in need of a point guard and are a bit overcrowded in the frontcourt. Rumors are circulating around the south Floridian team like wild fire. First, the Bulls are keen on sending Kirk Hinrich to Miami. Thus, the Heat would have their starting point guard and the Bulls can put Rose in their starting five. The Bulls would then probably have to resign Chris Duhon since they simply cannot pay Hinrich all that money to be a back up. Second, Utah’s Carlos Boozer has hinted that he wants out and is looking for a better location that would help his daughter who has been in treatment for a cancerous eye tumor. Shawn Marion is available and could possibly be involved in that trade. There is a chance that, Marion and Marcus Banks could possibly be dealt to the Knicks to be reunited with their former coach, Mike D'Antoni. However, if they do in fact pull of the Boozer trade then there will be no reason to draft Beasley. They could also move the No.1 draft pick with the said contracts in order to get a proven center. Udonis Haslem could be used as trade bait and perhaps a team like Philadelphia could take him for a minimal return. The Sixers are under the salary cap and they could help Miami free some space by taking Haslem. 

Miami could be left with a completely new team. Jason Williams could then go free. Dorell Wright could be resigned. This situation would leave Miami with their proven center, Carlos Boozer, a draft pick, Dwayne Wade, and Kirk Hinrich. The bench would consist of Dorrell Wright, and hopefully Alonzo Mourning. This is not even including if Shawn Marion would stay. 

Right now, so many options are open for Pat Reilly. He is going to build this team for the young Erik Spolestra. The biggest key for Miami is changing the mindset from losers to winners. Having new players is a key to that. I hope to see Michael Beasley in a Heat uniform for years to come. At least they have options.