WWE's Aging Roster: An Evaluation of Our Older Stars

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2009

Hello, everyone. As always, I would like to thank you for spending some time with me today.


I did an article on the Undertaker the other day and it got me thinking about something.


As it stands today, there are many aging stars on the professional wrestling scene.


While being older in wrestling doesn’t mean that you can't be good, it does raise the question on how much gas may be left in the tank for these superstars.


Let's be honest, folks; these guys aren’t machines; at some point their bodies will break down. Whether it’s from injuries over the years or just aging, sooner or later they will have to stop wrestling.


So I decided that I would look at some of these guys in their twilight, and evaluate roughly how much time these guys may or may not have left. If you disagree, please feel free to let me know.





While his return is exciting and he should help bring some juice back to SmackDown, you really have to wonder how much more this guy can give us.


Undertaker is now 45 years old and he has been wrestling for 25 years. Over the years he has been in many physical matches. Needless to say, he has certainly built up the injuries over the years.


I can't really say he has gotten slower over the years. It's hard to say, since he was never the fastest horse out of the gate. It is fair to say, though, that he has certainly lost a few steps. He now wrestles mainly on a part-time schedule for this reason.

As far as I am concerned, he has earned the right to wrestle whenever he wants. But it is no secret that the Dead Man wants to call it quits soon.


The question is, when does he make this decision?


If I had to guess, I would say he makes a decision in the next two or three years. I say this because unlike Flair and some others that have hung around a while, the style that Undertaker has wrestled over the years was rough and has taken its toll on him.




While Glen Jacobs may be roughly the same age as Undertaker, he has wrestled far fewer years than his supposed brother—around eight less years to be exact. So I think it would be fair to assume he may stick around a little longer than Undertaker.


That is not to say that Jacobs is a spring chicken. It would probably be fair to say that he is in the early twilight of his career. Kane does have some other issues that do concern me, though.


Over the years I have noticed a common pattern with the Big Red Machine. He tends to let himself fall out of shape as time passes. While he does eventually shape back up, it seems that lately, it takes him longer to do so.


Also, like Undertaker, he has racked up the injuries over the years. While they might not be affecting him as much now, they are sure to a few years down the road.  If you add nagging injuries to an out-of-shape wrestler, that often leads to a broken down wrestler.


Jacobs has other avenues he plans on pursuing, no matter when his wrestling career ends. He has stated on multiple occasions that he is very interested in running for public office.


I can easily see Kane leaving if he ever ran and won a race in the political world. Let's face facts people, if Jacobs ever became governor somewhere, it is unlikely he will still be chokeslamming people.


He wrestles now mainly for a paycheck and that is the only reason. If he did care about his status in wrestling, he wouldn’t be jobbing to everyone under the sun. That is not a knock on him; I am just simply pointing out the truth.


I have a feeling we will see the Big Red Machine hanging up his boots in five years. It could be even sooner depending on his success in the political scene.




Chris Jericho


With Chris Jericho, you have to look at things a little differently. He is now pushing 20 years in the business, but he is only in his late 30s. He is another guy who is just barely in the early stages of his twilight years.


Chris Jericho does have an advantage though over the other aging vets on the roster. He has managed for the most part to stay injury-free through his career. Part of this is due to luck, but it is mostly because he is just a smart wrestler.


If Jericho really wanted to, he could wrestle another 15 to 20 years. He is in a way much like Ric Flair as far as staying in shape and avoiding injuries. Jericho is a great worker and would be in demand anywhere in the business.


The only one who I could see ending Jericho’s career in the near future is himself. It is no mystery that he has other interests other than wrestling. During his long period off a short time back, he explored these opportunities.


He has and still is trying to get an acting career. While the parts he has taken have been bad by any estimation, it just further shows how badly he wants to be part of that business. He also has his band, Fozzy, which just signed a new record deal.


I will choose to keep my opinions to myself as far as his acting and music goes. I will say, though, that if either his music or acting really took off, I think he would quit wrestling in a heartbeat.


He is sticking with wrestling because it his bread and butter. (I will say this: I am not too worried about him making it big in his other venues, so I think we will see Jericho around for some time.)


I think it would be a safe estimate to say that Jericho will wrestle for at least 10 more years.




It might surprise some people to know that HHH is only a year older than Jericho. That is in people years, though. As far as wrestling years go he has clearly aged more than Jericho.


HHH has always given this business 110 percent. I may joke around about the fact that he is married to the boss’s daughter, but that doesn’t mean I do not respect the guy for what he has given wrestling.


He has always wrestled hard and fast when it comes to his ring style. HHH has been in some of the most brutal and bloody matches I have ever seen. He has also wrestled injured for many years.


While I admire all these things about the man, it is his wrestling style that very well may shorten his career. He has a list of injuries a mile long and those are the plain facts. I never thought I would see someone with knee braces as big as his.


The only thing that keeps HHH ahead of his injuries is his work ethic. You have to give credit where credit is due. HHH still keeps himself in great shape to this day.


It is probably for that reason alone he is able to get in the ring and wrestle. Still, it’s starting to get noticeable that he is losing a few steps. He runs a lot slower than he used to.


That is, if he runs at all.


He also doesn’t seem to have the same pop when pulling off some if his moves. These are all telling signs that he is loosing his mobility.


I am not saying we should put him out to pasture just yet but the truth is, like in any sport, even if you are in tip-top shape, injuries catch up to you.


Another sign of falling apart in the business is when you are involved in more tag matches than one-on-ones, and HHH has seen his fair share of tag matches lately.


Still, I think HHH has some time before his body gives out on him. I could see him giving us at least seven more strong years.


I also think that he will end up being part owner of the WWE down the road.






Has been around just as long as Undertaker. Also, just like Undertaker, he has taken his fair share of abuse. He had a back injury that probably should have ended his career.


Thanks to his determination and the modern miracles of medicine, HBK was able to come back and wrestle. While he still gives his 100 percent, he is also a lot more careful in the ring.


In a way, his back injury was a blessing in disguise. It gave the rest of his body time to heal. He is another wrestler who has always kept himself in shape.


While it is clear that he is a part-time wrestler these days, he still works a pretty heavy schedule. When he needs his time off, he takes it and returns when good and ready. I also have to admit that he still puts on a great match when called upon.


I think HBK is still around for a couple of reasons.


The first one and probably the most important is he still loves the business; for that reason alone, the man deserves your respect.


The second reason he is probably still around is because he lost out on a lot of money while he was injured and missed the Attitude Era. So I can't blame him for wanting to cash in on his name now.


I think he is going wind up sticking around as long as he physically can. How much time he has, that is hard to say. If he stays healthy and his back stays up, it could be another four or five years.


It can also wind up being much shorter run if his back acts up again.


I would like to thank all of you for again for spending some time with me today.


As always, have a great day and God bless.


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