Fantasy Forecast: NBA Mid To Late Round Picks

Ari WagnerContributor ISeptember 8, 2009

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Fantasy sports is all about quality drafting in each round, and waiver wire signings. This is why the late your late round picks are equally as important as your early round studs.

Keep in mind, I play a head-to-head style league with nine categories including; Field goal, and free throw percentages, three pointers made, points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and turnovers.

The reason I bring this up is because the list I have compiled for my draft board, that I will share with you, is completely influenced by those categories.

My formula is a blanace between last years statistics and if the player is a starer or not, and also if they are going to be a free agent in the next season.

Players tend to play much harder and produce better overall stats when they are up for a contract in the following summer.

For example, Charlie Villanueva put up very impressive numbers from a fantasy stand point, and got a fairly large contract to play with the Detroit Pistons.

However, on the flip side, a player like Rasheed Wallace who will not be a starter this season, his fantasy value will drop this year.

When setting up a draft board, you want to keep the players in order of how you think they will be selected so that you do not draft them too early. Stealing a player in a later round is essential to building a championship fantasy basketball team.

For example, a player like Antonio Mcdysee, who is starting for the Spurs this year and had a productive last season will not get picked up in the early portion of your draft.

However, he does produce rebounds points, and all percentages. So you slot him further down your list so that in case you auto draft you do not hurt your roster. Same goes for players like; Channig Frye and Brandon Bass.

Here is my draft board for the bottom half of my 200 player draft board. The top half will come later, with another addition of Fantasy Forecast.

Highlighted players are starters according to depth charts and the players in red are on a contract season.

top five sleepers to watch in this half of the draft are; Anthony Randolph, Fransisco Garcia, Brendon Haywood, Channing Frye and Amir Johnson